divine postman: tell me your secrets, come back to haunt me.

lee: oh! darling let us go back to the start. tell me you love me.

divine postman: i remember those lovely times we had. when you taught me love is enough.

lee: the imagination divine postman holds all the splendors of love and must be kept pure at all costs.

divine postman: we are independant because of our imagination lee. self-reliance is the belief in the glory of your subconscious.

lee: there is no excess to love, none to beauty, none to knowledge, when these attributes are considered in the purest sense. they are present, much like a river flowing.

divine postman: and that which a man drinks will fulfill his exact need. beauty, love, and knowledge in their purest sense are perfect.

lee: the great things in life divine postman come at a high cost; and one needs to do all that it takes to preserve his natural genius.

divine postman: has he light lee? he will have to bear witness to that light and overcome the limitation with the force of his thought.

lee: the imagination divine postman is enough to sustain a man, and deliver him from all his troubles. the genius will learn: all that lives is all that moves.

divine postman: our truest being is found in the depths of the sea.

lee: all good friend stems from the ends of the earth and him who overcomes will behold aurora.

divine postman: i will trust in the storehouse of the earth lee and not in the dollar. believing that true riches lay in the sun.

lee: i will wait for my star to come. she will bring all my gifts.

divine postman: never lose your intercourse with nature lee. it is your true and only inheritance.

lee: what nature ordains divine postman she will fulfill, let the traveler always hold his gaze, and watch for change.

divine postman: evermore welcome to gods and men lee, is the mortal who waits remaining patient in suffering.

lee: love lives in our hearts, and time will never erase beauty in our mind.

divine postman: it is the muse who holds us together with her tribe of dreams. and aligns us with the poles of the world.

lee: memories are the treasure of a man.



okuhle: our greatest treasure is time divine postman.

divine postman: we can only be rich once we choose to invest in time. how we use our time will determine the source of our joy.

okuhle: money can never buy time; only suffering will do. it is the one thing that no mortal can never repay, no matter how grateful they are.

divine postman: they say time is money but really it is not. when we lose all things time is all that will remain. and we can always live.

okuhle: the best things in life money can never buy. no amount of gold can purchase love, beauty, joy, and freedom.

divine postman: let us cease to overlook the wonders of nature and begin to lose all the appearances of the world.

okuhle: how is it that we are too busy to watch the sunset? how does man lose his awe for the heavenly bodies? can we no longer behold the might of the rushing sea?

divine postman: we have substituted the spectacle of nature for telescreens and cupboards in our rooms.

okuhle: it is an embarassment what man has become. his attention has been robbed from him.

divine postman: that which gives him life and feeds him, he fails to acknowledge. he is too proud to bow to the ground, as the chicken and the oxen do.

i sometimes wonder what the dogs, and birds, and cats think when they see man in his coach and high hills.

okuhle: they see a prisoner divine postman. i have come to learn that my kinship with nature is a reflection of the intimacy with my soul.

divine postman: our love for nature is love for ourselves okuhle. the mountain i see is the kingdom i have to build. and as i climb it, so do i grow within.

okuhle: i have been to the mountaintop divine postman; and i have seen the promise land.

divine postman: and so we will learn to wait okuhle for that great day. when the sea will burst forth destroying all buildings and preserving the arts.

okuhle: look divine postman there is a rainbow.



athi: they say anything is possible, you have to dream like you have never seen obstacles.

divine postman: homie what everyone called impossible was attained. i found my glory wrapped in misfortune.

athi: all things are possible divine postman when i believe.

divine postman: we see angels athi in our hardest hours. all is done according to your faith. he who says ‘i can’ and he who says ‘i cannot’ are both usually right.

athi: and he who has a ‘why’ divine postman will overcome and win his prize. only the wise will continue.

divine postman: the wise will move mountains.

athi: and to find wisdom friend the self-helping mortal must take the long way round.

divine postman: and learn to connect the dots of all his travels. let time be our best friend.

athi: because what we put in time is what nature will give us in return. the past is my master, and the future my tutor.

divine postman: a successful combination of the two will yield unprecedented fortune. let the genius organise his thoughts and express them purely.

athi: we need to create works of art that the future will understand. we do not write for only ourselves divine postman but for the children of tomorrow as well.

divine postman: let there be conviction in our word, as we dedicate ourselves to a cause bigger than who we are.

athi: success divine postman, like happiness, cannot be pursued but must ensue. and it only does so, as the unintended side-effect of one’s dedication to a cause greater than oneself.

divine postman: or as the by-product of one’s surrender to a person other than oneself.

athi: happiness must happen, and the same holds for success: you have to let it happen by not caring about it.

divine postman: you must be at rest athi. for that which you are chasing is stalking after you also. dreams come true.


ncedo: we cannot be having so many kids divine postman!

divine postman: what a waste is marriage! our age has gone absolutely mad ncedo. people are having children that they will not have the time to raise.

ncedo: they have chosen the dollar and rejected love. and so they will always be too busy working to teach their kids.

divine postman: their children will then be handed over to institutions. whoever trusts in the dollar will never be free.

ncedo: but people always make the argument divine postman, that they need to work because they need to send their kids to the best schools. and give their children opportunities that they never had.

diivine postman: first thing is first friend: money cannot buy love; the best school is a mother’s heart. and the youth can create his own opportunities. he does not need his parents to think for him.

ncedo: in essence it is all idolatry. parents work their whole lives to acquire and maintain a lifestyle that is marketed to them.

divine postman: and they make the excuse of claiming that they are working for their children, when they are merely serving their own interests.

ncedo: true learning divine postman happens through observation. whoever fails to solve the sphinx will be slain.

divine postman: and will live their whole lives in the confines of fear.

ncedo: let us never lose the child within but learn to preserve the immortal subconscious.

divine postman: the knowledge of parents is rapidly aging and will soon become extinct.

ncedo: buying material things and storing them up in homes is a complete waste. the world moves on the power of communication.

divine postman: we are living in the age of communication. what matters today ncedo, is knowledge and if you fail to teach yourself, you will always be someone’s slave.

ncedo: and the earth is moving so swiftly that we can barely keep up with the change.

divine postman: all men have a choice ncedo; and they can choose to either reject this radical technology before us or align themselves with it.

ncedo: men still dwell among the stale bread of the past divine postman. however great a revolution there is in this age, what history will remember is what we made of it.

divine postman: many will settle for crumbs and will not draw fresh water from the river.

ncedo: when a man drinks from nature and does not swallow some recycled output, his whole being is transformed.

divine postman: he is born again and wide awake. without wisdom ncedo, there can never be understanding. in times of rough electric currents, it is not possessions that will save us but wisdom.

ncedo: indeed divine postman; let every man first listen before he speaks. it is not buildings that compose a nation but the people.

divine postman: the answer we need to every problem we encounter is within. every revolution was once a thought in one man’s mind.

and when the same bold thought occurs to another man, it will be the key to that era.

ncedo: let every man be aware, that with his dreams he will push humanity forward; but when dwelling in his fears he will drag us backwards.

divine postman: so long as we persist in patience glory will be gained. do not forget your history nor your destiny.

ncedo: what a gift it is to read divine postman.

divine postman: what a gift it is to live and write ncedo.

ncedo: the poet will speak of what has been and of what is.

divine postman: and of what will be. the only thing worth beholding is beauty.



gcigz: we all have the power to choose divine postman.

divine postman: indeed friend, and the choices we make tilt us toward our destiny.

gcigz: can we conclude divine postman that, given our ability to choose is the greatest freedom we exercise as humans, slavery then becomes a choice?

divine postman: inner freedom gcigz is a jewel that no man can take away from me. none but ourselves can free our minds.

there can be no freedom without when i do not choose to be free within.

gcigz: the unconquerable will; this every man is entitled to.

divine postman: each person must live their own life. it is most dangerous friend to give up your freedom to choose.

no-one can come near me but through my own act.

gcigz: i will bow down before no man divine postman. i must live according to my own truth.

divine postman: all things will obey me gcigz from the rising to the setting of the sun. iAM wisest of all men. no man alive has ever witnessed struggles i survive.

gcigz: let man not raise his fist at nature; but follow her footsteps.

divine postman: fools will always be fools. the best reflection of a man is his companions.

gcigz: nothing good ever came out of a crowd. the devil is a legion, the gods dwell in water.

divine postman: it is no good to argue with a fool. let them fools spend their silver talents, maintaining their homes and losing their minds.

gcigz: and the wise will remain calm. the poor means men use in our day to get ahead show that the ends are not worth much.

divine postman: i have seen what a drunken mess this world is gcigz.

gcigz: alcohol never saved a man. the pleasure of liquor does not last.

divine postman: what goes up must come down. a man’s problems attack him more viciously after the come down.

gcigz: i will reap what i sow. what i put in my mouth is what i will get out.

divine postman: eventually every man must confront who they are and understand that problems are part of life.

gcigz: they exist to bring out the best in me. and to teach me that my best asset is my mind and body.

divine postman: you must always look within gcigz. every man is born a king, and him who overcomes all dangers set before him, will receive his prize.

gcigz: there can never be two kings on a throne, you can never worship two masters.

divine postman: a man will choose between his soul and the dollar.

gcigz: without paying the price friend we can never find love.

divine postman: all that nature made thy own gcigz, floating in air or pent in stone, will rive the hills, and swim the sea. and like thy shadow follow thee.




divine postman: how can we learn for money bruno and not for love?

bruno: people are too impatient with love divine postman; they are simply not prepared to wait.

divine postman: when we learn to wait we build something great; which will be honored in this age and remembered for generations to come.

bruno: only what is done out of pure love will last divine postman.

divine postman: nature, according to her divine providence, has prescribed the way man must follow.

bruno: but in his ignorance, man refuses to abide in her laws. nature is poor on the outside but infinitely rich on the inside.

divine postman: in all their endeavors people always take shortcuts. they reach for what is nearby because they fear poverty.

they fail to understand that as they huff and puff, chasing after the dollar, they become poor in their minds.

bruno: so much of nature do we know divine postman, is a reflection of how much of our mind we possess. the only thing a man can ever possess is his mind, body, and heart.

divine postman: the mass of man are poor friend because they do not think. they choose to work for money in order to enjoy petty comforts.

bruno: and these very comforts divine postman are what will lead to their downfall.

divine postman: they fail to see that all things are sustained by grace.

bruno: to engage our minds we need to engage our bodies, it is only through pain and suffering that we begin to learn.

divine postman: when one is pushed, tormented, and defeated he has a chance to learn something invaluable.

bruno: but most importantly, through the suffering, he will grow and teach others how to stand when they have fallen.

divine postman: let a man learn to treasure his mind, his body, and his heart. for all things come forth from his heart.

bruno: let us all live on our bicycles friend; knowing that our legs will sustain us as we move.

divine postman: movement is the birth of life. our dna consists primarily of water and light.

bruno: the body is a law, and the man who understands the law will runaway with fortune.

divine postman: she will soothe his mind bruno, compensating him for all his sorrows.

bruno: i will lean on my faith divine postman, finding meaning in the glory of my natural genius.

divine postman: and for you friend all doors will be flung wide open. learn to trust yourself.



divine postman: i know you sick homie; but you do not want to speak.

mvuyisi: it is never easy to open up, especially when it is personal.

divine postman: silence like a cancer grows mvu. it is only through being vulnerable that we learn about who we are.

mvuyisi: it is true what you say friend. but, who can you trust in this cold world? people smile in your face and they talk behind your back.

divine postman: i agree and i believe you first need to trust yourself and know who you are. none but you alone can bring you peace.

mvuyisi: it takes time to know yourself divine postman. the human soul is infinite; it has no end.

it is never easy to search for your soul because it strips you of all your illusions, which were formed for you through family, and friends, and schooling, and religion.

divine postman: and it is hard to accept that these are wrong mvuyisi; but let us never allow our emotions to detract us from reality.

what people fear the most is learning that there are no roots to their truth; and thus they build their homes on sand. when trouble comes things fall apart.

mvuyisi: the story of life is written according to the precise laws of nature. and whether we choose to accept or reject them laws, they will never change.

divine postman: all things in nature mvuyisi abide for truth and benefit. you cannot do wrong without suffering wrong.

mvuyisi: iAM learning divine postman that it is best to deal with my problems, confronting them instead of running away from them.

divine postman: when you run away from them friend; they will always follow you.

mvuyisi: and you find, in the end, that it is not your problems you are running away from but yourself.

divine postman: i dream that we could tell more stories mvu, and not merely vegetate infront of the television. but take the time to genuinely know who we are.

mvuyisi: we are losing the finer parts of ourselves divine postman. we can only begin to find them when we are prepared to give up the clutter in our lives.

divine postman: society acquires new arts but loses old instincts. the best gift to give is an honest and pure conversation.