homer: tell us, o muse, of the man of many devices, who wandered full many ways after he had sacked the sacred citadel of troy.

divine postman: many were the men whose cities he saw and whose mind he learned, aye, and many the woes he suffered in his heart upon the sea, seeking to win his own life and the return of his comrades

homer: yet even so divine postman he saved not his comrades, though he desired it sore, for through their own blind folly they perished- fools, who devoured the kine of helios hyperion

divine postman: but he took from them the day of their returning homer

homer: of these things, goddess, daughter of zeus, beginning where thou wilt, tell thou even unto us. we must never stop telling stories divine postman

divine postman: you are right homer, as long as we breathe, we have a story to tell. now all the rest, as many as had escaped sheer destruction, were at home, safe from both war and sea.

but odysseus alone, filled with longing for his return and for his wife, did the queenly nymph calypso, that bright goddess, keep back in her hollow caves, yearning that odysseus should be her husband

homer: but when, as the seasons revolved, the year came in which the gods had ordained that he should return to ithaca.

divine postman: not even there homer was he free from toils, even among his own folk. and all the gods pitied him save poseidon

homer: but he continued to rage unceasingly against godlike odysseus, until at length he had reached his own native land

divine postman: howbeit poseidon, homer, had gone among the far-off ethiopians- the ethiopians who dwell sundered in twain, the farthest of men, some where hyperion sets and some where he rises

homer: there, divine postman, poseidon went to receive a hecatomb of bulls and rams, and there he was taking his joy sitting at the feast

divine postman: but the other gods, homer, were gathered together in the halls of olympian zeus. among them the father of gods and men was first to speak, for in his heart he thought of noble aegisthus, whom far-famed orestes, agamemnon’s, son had slain.

homer: thinking on him divine postman he spoke among the immortals, and said: “look you now, how ready mortals are to blame the immortals. it is from us, they say, that evils come, but they even of themselves, through their own blind folly, have sorrows beyond that which is ordained.

divine postman: even now as aegisthus, beyond that which was ordained, took to himself the wedded wife of the son of atreus, and slew him on his return, though well he knew of sheer destruction, seeing that we spake to him before, sending hermes, the keen-sighted argeiphontes, that he should neither slay the man nor woo his wife

homer: for from orestes shall come vengeance for the son of atreus, when once he has come to manhood and longs for his own land. so hermes spoke, but for all his good intent he prevailed not upon the heart of aegisthus; and now he has paid the full price for all.”

divine postman: there is a cost to ignorance homer



athi: everything is good in moderation divine postman

divine postman: it is through our giving that we find meaning friend. before we take, let us first ask what can we give

athi: and once we give, we must never stop. but i find that even when people give they are so conservative divine postman

divine postman: the herd will always do just enough and not seek to do more. and thus as they give little so will they receive little

athi: our level of success is in proportion to our level of risk taking. the greater the risk, the greater the reward

divine postman: the more sacrifices you are prepared to make for what you believe in, the greater a harvest you will yield

athi: all that is wise divine postman is all that is free. wisdom comes through suffering.

divine postman: without discipline we can never yield sustained fruit. these homes have become a curse to us athi

athi: the belly can never have enough of eating. we begin to settle in them and create illusions in our minds that we have arrived

divine postman: there is no destination in life friend. we need to constantly keep on moving. life takes the shape of our minds.

athi: it is imperative that we find what we are passionate about because our life will be the work that we do

divine postman: those who suffer today will be rich tomorrow

athi: it is our dreams that matter friend. and the dream will become the story

divine postman: we need to abandon what we have to receive what awaits. it is better to live full and die empty than to live a life full of regrets.

athi: our ghosts will dog us and haunt us, as long as we live, should we not bring them to life.

divine postman: the wealthiest place in the world is the cemetery. there you will find the lost treasures of infinite possibility.

athi: it is fear that has buried them. and in choosing to live their fears instead of their dreams they create false perceptions. which they subsequently pass on to their kids

divine postman: that is why it is so imperative that we learn history. there is this exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be derived from the study of the past. through the examples set in the clear light of historical truth we can choose what to imitate and what to avoid.

we cannot repeat the same mistakes that parents made and thus threatening our lives and that of the future generation with false perception

what if you live your whole life friend and upon coming to the end of it, you find out that it was all wrong

athi: my goodness divine postman and once you have lived all those years you can never go back to relive them again. the greatest tragedy brother is living in the confines of fear. fear holds dominion over all men, and should man fail to overcome his perception will me shaped by his fears and not his dreams.

divine postman: everything you do and everything you see will shape the person that you will be. yet beauty will never die athi. she demands a high price but all her splendors are worth all the sacrifices

athi: the bright lights in this firmament of hope will overcome all things. when there is peace within there will always be peace without

divine postman: everything matters. how you do anything is how you do everything

athi: the small things become the big things friend. what a gift is the art of conversation divine postman

divine postman: we learn, we love, we grow with these words athi. conversation reflects the laws of traveling. as words move so richer will the story be.

athi: through conversation we master ourselves and we begin to master humanity.

divine postman: all that we are is a manifestation of our energies the hand of the muse will rise and fall. taking us through ups and downs

athi: there is no straight line in nature. the best smile is one that is crooked


mbuso: to have nothing is to have everything divine postman

divine postman: indeed friend, it is true. when we have too much we lose time and when we have enough we use time

mbso: it seems as though, the mass of man, or i should rather say, the herd of men who merely do what they are told or what they see others doing are always in a rush to do something. but you never see any value in what they do

divine postman: they are very good at talking but not so good at reflecting their words through their deeds. one thing i have learned in life friend is that, those who talk the most fear the most. and as a means to escape their fears they project their insecurities on other people

mbuso: they take advantage of those who are weak divine postman. and one must not be intimidated by the intruding rabble of man and books and institutions but always know that nothing can ever break love

divine postman: she is what is most brave mbuso, most daring, most wild, and most gracious. it is only when we are pure that we dwell in her

mbuso: in all her mysterious ways, she serves those who are in need of her presence. the meek hand she will teach to be strong

divine postman: from the rising to the setting of the sun she bestows grace among all the leaping herds in the field kind after kind. and man when he goes to bed lays in the bosom of her breast and at once forgetting the heaviness of his sorrows

mbuso: success is not what colleges teach divine postman. it is not accumulating millions of dollars. it is a priceless feeling which no value of money can ever purchase let alone sustain.

divine postman: a little girl once told me mbuso that you can never go to the shop with all the money in the world and ask to buy love.

mbuso: truly she was right my friend the world will sell you anything excepting love

divine postman: it is a state of being mbuso, an identity that will always live. it is what moulds and makes the human soul. as a potter carves out the shape of her design so will love make the soul of a man.

and if he will so choose once he has tasted these divine waters man will forsake all things that the common herd pursue and be happy in his own skin. sure of the power that sustains him.

mbuso: how divine and immortal is sheer joy divine postman. it is there where love dwells friend at the roots of our being. for even to our old age and grey hairs she is ever-present.

divine postman: the simple man will find her mbuso. for everything gained something is taken away.

mbuso: and all that is lost for love’s sake can never even begin to compare with her immortal joys

divine postman: indeed it is true friend i can say that love is worth sacrificing everything for. she will never fail



okuhle: we must eat what we choose divine postman and not what we are given

divine postman: if people understood the profound influence that food has in their lives they would make choices that were much different

okuhle: the food that we eat shapes our minds, our emotions. and in essence what we eat is the foundation of our dna

divine postman: it makes sense when people say that you are what you eat. and what you find is that everything is connected through the food that we eat

okuhle: it is an integrated system divine postman that nature has wired. when we hurt nature with what we eat, we will subsequently hurt ourselves. and as we hurt ourselves we hurt others.

divine postman: it is much like a dominos board. the source of our food creates a reaction that will eventually lead to a single great experience

okuhle: another example is how the numerous memories of the same thing eventually produce the effect of a single experience. all our efforts accumulate to a desired outcome.

divine postman: and in the case of knowledge the end product of every investigation will be action. however, there are limits okuhle that no man can exceed

okuhle: just as it is said that, a man cannot exceed the number of years allotted to him on this earth, so evil will eventually come to an abrupt halt

divine postman: while good is infinite and abounding beyond the ends of the earth. high up the artic circle beyond aurora, the engine of beauty commands the sun

okuhle: it is up to us divine postman to stand up for the love of man and shape the generation to come with our words.

divine postman: and that will imply we need to cast off all we know advancing through chaos and the dark and not fleeing from a revolution like invalids and minors but being guides, redeemers and benefactors. conscious that success will come with time

okuhle: we wait, we learn, and in the end we grow

divine postman: a tree will find its waters by stretching for its roots


emerson: i remember divine postman we made it out of that dark place

divine postman: through the darkness we found the light ralph and now today we stand together upright. conscious of the meaning for our suffering

emerson: without suffering divine postman there can be no joy. the sorrows and tears we shed point us toward our joy.

divine postman: suffering is temporary emerson joy abounds forever

emerrson: he who has a why divine postman can bear with almost anyhow. we need to remember that a tree grows from its roots

divine postman: the mass of man idolize the fruit and the leaves on the outside never thinking that what matters are the changes we undergo from within

emerson: beauty is what we do not see divine postman. all that we have is born from within

divine postman: and when life tests the truth that we believe in, we need to persevere and endure knowing that something better awaits us above that hill

emerson: the soul is progressive it is active, free and sovereign

divine postman: in all we encounter we need to hold on to hope emerson.

emerson: hope is a tree divine postman sitting on the mountain where the grass does not grow

divine postman: through hope we perceive great possibility. life is more precious than the dollar. we cannot replace the divine repositories of man with a commodity

emerson: freedom is the most choicest of all joys, for it is learned through suffering and patience. aligning us with nature’s purpose

divine postman: we must understand that all things move emerson and never remain in one place. and to harness all the gifts of movement bestowed upon us, we need to live simply knowing that through nature we are self-sufficient

emerson: oh! what a piece of work is man divine postman. how noble in reason. how infinite in faculty. in form and moving how express and admirable. in action how like an angel. in apprehension how like a god. oh the beauty of the world divine postman! the paragon of animals.

divine postman: he is all that lives emerson. born to be king and queen



graeme: every first world country divine postman benefits at the cost of a third world country

divine postman: indeed friend we can only be rich when we live from within cultivating our own souls and not leaving it up to institutions, books, and entertainment

graeme: we must speak what we know divine postman and not what we have heard from another but what we ourselves have lived

divine postman: keep asking questions graeme. the value of money is reflected in what one is prepared to give up for it.

graeme: at most times it appears to me that money only serves as a means to affect your desired end. however, we must also consider the end result of our desired end

divine postman: even our ends graeme become recycled means for what is awaiting us. for example one might choose to buy conventional produce another choosing organic food. the former sees conventional food to be merely an end or rather a source of his enjoyment whereas the latter in choosing organic produce is investing in his health

graeme: it is all perception divine postman and which perception is right or wrong is reflected in the sustenance of it.

divine postman: indeed what we need to understand is that every perception will lead you down a path and the best path is one that liberates your soul.

graeme: everything has two handles friend beware of the wrong one

divine postman: when the body is unhappy so will the soul be sad. we can only transcend through pain

graeme: in order for a tree to yield a greater harvest it needs to go through the process of pruning. and in the beginning it will be painful but in the long-term it will be worth all the sacrifices.

divine postman: one need not despise small beginnings graeme, in the beginning there will be more input but overtime there will be less input and more output

graeme: and when the output comes it floods in as if it were hiding somewhere all along. there is purpose and meaning in all that we do.

divine postman: you can only reap what you sow. a stagnant body is a stagnant mind


samantha: you cannot receive forgiveness divine postman or have a sense of peace when you are not prepared to give up something

divine postman: we are ignorant sam of this truth: everything we accumulate comes at the cost of oppressing another human being. all goods are sourced at cheap labour

samantha: i find that in all we do divine postman we always want to take but never give. our bellies are filled with lust. and we never question the character of the goods we consume

divine postman: what good can come from us when there is no good within. a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and conversely a bad tree cannot produce good fruit. the conscious mind can never even begin to undo the damage inflicted upon the subconscious ocean

samantha: it is what you do with what you are given that matters divine postman, and in the process obeying the almighty effort of nature. whoever fails to align themselves with nature will subsequently die in self indulgence

divine postman: the human heart can never have enough sam, which is why self-discipline needs to be a priority in our lives. especially in this prosperous age. we must eat not for self-indulgence but rather for nourishment. there is always another who is in need

samantha: philosophy calls for plain living, but not for penance divine postman. our simplicity is a means through which we can share our life with all men.

divine postman: and we may perfectly well be plain and neat at the same time

samantha: wealth is harnessed within divine postman. when men visit our homes they should marvel at who we are and not what we have

divine postman: the self-helping mortal who takes the hardest road will be greeted with love, peace, and joy as fragrant as the flowers in the spring. all things will obey him glory is his.

samantha: for him divine postman all doors are flung wide open. all eyes follow with desire.

divine postman: but the mass of man aim low sam. and as they aim low they reap low. they are unstable in their frame crooked through self-indulgence and unstable in their thinking

samantha: we suffer amputation and are thus disproportionate. the individual parts exceed the sum of the whole. we do not treat the most delicate parts of who we are with care.

divine postman: nature’s scholar is the torch-bearer of love. imparting hope to the meek