pii: animals hold the power of sensation divine postman.

divine postman: they know the language of love although they do not speak they understand.

pii: unlike the mechanical man who never learns his ignorance; wherever you go in the world creatures of the earth will exhibit the same behaviour.

divine postman: a cock crows whether it is in england or south africa. however, man on the other hand, is never stable but continually swirling in the storm of conflicting passions that drive him to and fro.

pii: i find greater distance friend between man and man than between beast and beast. it is a wonder that everything but ourselves is praised for its own qualities.

divine postman: we praise a lion for its swift and nimble feet; a peacock for its sublime colors. but man is judged according to his wealth, fame, or power not on the nobility of his character.

pii: upon meeting someone, let us first ask: is he wise, lord over himself; not afraid of poverty, death, or shackles.

firm against passions; disdaining honors; wholly self-contained; like a smooth round sphere that no foreign objects can adhere to and invulnerable to the attacks of fortune.

divine postman: on such a man or woman nature will set no limits, space or time. she will grant them divine power and an empire without end. their glory will endure as the years of a tree.

pii: compare him with the city dolls who are ridden by the routine of their employments. there is greater distance between the city dolls and the contented man than between earth and sky.

divine postman: today pii the better part of man is mowed to the ground. institutions use man and woman alike as compost to maximize their profits.

pii: we no longer celebtate the glory in man divine postman but honor meaningless homes. we have adopted the thinking of institutions and no longer trust in our own natural thought.

divine postman: man is not thinking pii neither is he living; he is always postponing and moulds his existence on a paycheck.

pii: life my friend is too precious to be wasted. i sacrificed all i had in denmark to travel the world over.

divine postman: we settle for relationships that are killing us pii; and find comfort in homes that bring no joy.

pii: all i ever wanted divine postman is to be free. i risked it all to know how it feels to fly; i hope my wings do not fail me now.

divine postman: not all those who wander are lost, heaven is a place we know. our footsteps are guided by the moon.

pii: it is love that moves the sun and the gracious clouds. and as it moves the great light so it lives in my heart.