mvuyisi: our age is to live divine postman using the internet.

divine postman: we are children of the world wide web mvu, our age is the most connected in all of history, with communication happening at an incredible speed.

mvu: truly it is remarkable how easy it is to communicate with anyone around the world. we are to use the internet to create enduring works of art.

divine postman: we are to explore our imagination and finding inspiration from egypt, persia, greece and rome.

mvuyisi: we will fail to understand the glory in our hands without living in the library at alexandria.

divine postman: i travel with strabo in his journies. i discover the lands and meet the people with homer; i watch the sun set with hesiod. and walk on the city streets with socrates.

mvuyisi: the key divine postman is to connect the genius of today with the simplicity and childlikeness of antiquity.

divine postman: our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old but of the natural. the greeks are not reflective but alive through their powerful sensation. to exercise their mind in conversation they engaged their bodies constantly.

mvuyisi: the costly charm of the ancient tragedy, and indeed of all the old literature is that the persons speak simply. their speak simply as they lived simply.

divine postman: they speak as persons mvu with great good sense without knowing it. we need to haul ourselves back in those dusty repositories of the pyramids.

mvuyisi: our glory is in proportion to our roots in history. the hours should be instructed by the ages and the ages explained by the hours.

divine postman: how lovely it would be if we renounced these telescreens using our time to live and through this wonderful technology tell the story of our history.

mvuyisi: in other words divine postman always acting with the grace and simplicity of children. using our imagination to make vases, write tragedies, and sing songs dancing under the moon.

divine postman: how rewarding it is mvu to reap the sweetness of all the sacrifices you made for the love of letters.

mvuyisi: what is bitter in the beginning divine postman becomes sweeter with time. and like with every great relationship it grows more intimate.

divine postman: faith will move mountains my friend. the spirit lives and is as great a fact as the sun.

mvuyisi: the key is that we move forward with what we have learned, and not be discouraged by the sorrow we find.

divine postman: all loss, all pain, is particular; the universe remains to the heart unhurt. neither vexations nor calamities abate our trust.

mvuyisi: we are always led by the hand of pallas athena. it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.

divine postman: time will compensate every loss and wipe every tear. nature will sustain a man’s dream.

mvuyisi: the condition for him is that he believes and leans on love. death my friend is a cycle of life.

divine postman: it is what clears away the old mvu, to make room for the new. setting a man free from the bondages of society, that he may live in his natural genius.

mvuyisi: it is better to die like a man than to live like a coward.



pii: animals hold the power of sensation divine postman.

divine postman: they know the language of love although they do not speak they understand.

pii: unlike the mechanical man who never learns his ignorance; wherever you go in the world creatures of the earth will exhibit the same behaviour.

divine postman: a cock crows whether it is in england or south africa. however, man on the other hand, is never stable but continually swirling in the storm of conflicting passions that drive him to and fro.

pii: i find greater distance friend between man and man than between beast and beast. it is a wonder that everything but ourselves is praised for its own qualities.

divine postman: we praise a lion for its swift and nimble feet; a peacock for its sublime colors. but man is judged according to his wealth, fame, or power not on the nobility of his character.

pii: upon meeting someone, let us first ask: is he wise, lord over himself; not afraid of poverty, death, or shackles.

firm against passions; disdaining honors; wholly self-contained; like a smooth round sphere that no foreign objects can adhere to and invulnerable to the attacks of fortune.

divine postman: on such a man or woman nature will set no limits, space or time. she will grant them divine power and an empire without end. their glory will endure as the years of a tree.

pii: compare him with the city dolls who are ridden by the routine of their employments. there is greater distance between the city dolls and the contented man than between earth and sky.

divine postman: today pii the better part of man is mowed to the ground. institutions use man and woman alike as compost to maximize their profits.

pii: we no longer celebtate the glory in man divine postman but honor meaningless homes. we have adopted the thinking of institutions and no longer trust in our own natural thought.

divine postman: man is not thinking pii neither is he living; he is always postponing and moulds his existence on a paycheck.

pii: life my friend is too precious to be wasted. i sacrificed all i had in denmark to travel the world over.

divine postman: we settle for relationships that are killing us pii; and find comfort in homes that bring no joy.

pii: all i ever wanted divine postman is to be free. i risked it all to know how it feels to fly; i hope my wings do not fail me now.

divine postman: not all those who wander are lost, heaven is a place we know. our footsteps are guided by the moon.

pii: it is love that moves the sun and the gracious clouds. and as it moves the great light so it lives in my heart.


wendy: an overdose of the city erodes a man’s soul divine postman!

divine postman: if buildings fell wendy at least we would be in matrimony.

wendy: all men would be in harmony with nature’s laws and there would be no need for great struggles.

divine postman: when we are always hopping in and out of cars, and running into airconditioned buildings our behaviour will be mechanical.

wendy: is it so bad then my friend, that in our age man makes no room for expression?

divine postman: how does the poet live in the midst of so much noise? the mass of man wendy live according to what they see and do not have faith in what they feel.

wendy: let our lives centre around our art divine postman. every art has an interest, for which the art has to consider and provide.

divine postman: and the interest of every art is the perfection of it. the perfection of the art is the perfection of the individual.

wendy: perhaps man can see himself through the eyes of the mona lisa. or maybe through the eyes of the sistine chapel or the school of athens.

divine postman: and come to learn that without hurry and without rest, the human spirit goes forth constantly expressing its thought.

wendy: the poet who is called by love to be the messenger must pursue freedom. and cast off all chains imposed upon him by the folly of his parents.

divine postman: he must trust in his natural genius; as he sets himself free so will he set many others on archangel wings.

wendy: let him abandon all that is matter and all riches in the spirit will be his to behold.

we can only begin to make art friend when the hand is one with the spirit. we are all poets, writers, painters, photographers and travelers.

divine postman: if only we can have the patience to allow nature to teach us. she moves all men with her invisible hand and charms us with her infinite variety.

let the poet have faith in his craft and dwell in mountains of solitude, translating that which the sea and the bleeting sheep whisper to him.

wendy: the soul can only create from a pure place when it is free.

divine postman: we must uphold our given lot by athena, through unwearyimg patience and faith.

wendy: what i feel divine postman every woman feels. thus i must chant the feeling in my heart, as the cock crows loud in the morning to welcome a new dawn.

divine postman: it is phenomenal my friend how these humble creatures know the glory of the sun.

wendy: does it not say divine postman that for man to inherit the ends of the earth, he is to live simply?

divine postman: wisdom dwells in the mind and the heart that is simple. the poet is the prophet of the sun, he makes known the end before the beginning.

wendy: he is the golden star, shepherding the night to the break of dawn.

divine postman: let all men make their bed on the ground to hear of things to come.

wendy: the earth is a messenger, and the fire that burns below will kindle a man’s heart.

on my right hand divine postman i hold the sun and on my left hand i hold the moon.

divine postman: mighty orion is my guardian teaching me to always have confidence in history.

there is a relation wendy between the hours of our life and the centuries of time.

wendy: if the whole of history is in one man, it is all to be explained from individual experience.