nosolomzi: what is becoming of our men and women divine postman?

divine postman: they have forsaken love nosolomzi and run mad after the dollar. our actions as a society are mechanical and not natural.

nosolomzi: we fail to explore the immortal beauty within. and never behold the wonders of the human soul.

divine postman: there are more treasures in the imagination than can be mined in gold fields.

nosolomzi: the mass of man are poor because they are lazy to think. they limit their learning to the years that they spend in schooling.

divine postman: true learning, which nourishes not only the human mind but the human soul, is a lifetime endeavor.

nosolomzi: the learning in schools is motivated by the attainment of a reward; but the instructing of the soul is inspired by love.

divine postman: the human soul is constantly active and desires growth.

nosolomzi: we begin to reason nosolomzi with our hands and feet. and thus the more movement we encompass, the  more knowledge we gain.

divine postman: as we climb into cars and sit in our offices, and thereafter coming home to sit on couches, our minds become stagnant.

nosolmozi: when we fail to use our hands and feet effectively we will become lazy in our thinking.

divine postman: the body is given unto man nosolomzi that he may use it for the wealth of his brain. what we do instead is abuse it with narcotics and food.

nosolmzi: the mind can never be wealthy, when the body is not healthy. strength is taken out of strong things when we seek to act partially.

divine postman: we neglect the needs of the body. independence is being in control of your body.

nosolmzi: let us exercise power over what we eat divine postman. our food must not interfere with the optimism of nature.

divine postman: our life might be much easier and simpler than we make it.

nosolmzi: that the world might be a happier place than it is. that there is no need for convulsions and despairs.

divine postman: we hold the power to deliver ourselves from our tribulations nosolomzi.

nosolomzi: we miscreate our own evils divine postman by not standing up for what we believe in.

divine postman: whenever we get this vantage ground of the past, or of a wiser mind in the present, we are able to discern that we are begirt with laws which execute themselves.