rhibela: tell me about the meaning of all your travels divine postman.

divine postman: iAM grateful for every experience rhibela that life has given me no matter how painful; my travels have made me the man iAM today.

above all rhibela my journies are teaching me that the time that we have on this earth is fleeting. and what people will remember is how much of yourself you gave.

rhibela: in life we must walk by faith divine postman not by sight. things do not make sense looking forward friend. but when you look backward everything falls perfectly into place.

divine postman: there is strength in the darkness that we fear rhibela.

rhibela: it is in those darkest hours that we see our truest selves. the indignation which arms itself with secret forces does not awaken until we are stung and pricked and sorely assailed.

divine postman: we draw upon strength that we never conceived that we had. we can only learn how to get up when we fall.

rhibela: hence it is, that we can only learn through suffering. whoever sits on cushions of advantage will fall to sleep.

divine postman: there can only be change in our life when we are prepared to suffer.

rhibela: for the child to be born the mother will suffer birth pains.

divine postman: but oh! how she weeps with joy when the child is born.

rhibela: the suffering within divine postman will manifest the rose without.

divine postman: everything is a come-up rhibela one must be prepared to start from rock-bottom to find his kingdom.

rhibela: we build that we may share. as we give and grow, we tell our story, and come to learn that emotion connects us all.

and thus my suffering belongs not only to me but to the entire human race. what at any time has befallen me, you can understand.

divine postman: it is only life’s sorrows that can bind us together.

rhibela: let sorrow be the anchor in our lives friend and not frivolous times.

divine postman: i find sorrow rhibela in my mind most times. reminding me of all the mountains i have climbed, and the darknes that i did overcome.

rhibela: amor vincit omnia.