old man ndlovu: in my younger days divine postman, i used to run these streets.

divine postman: you were chasing them pretty girls, old man ndlovu, and always finding your confidence in liquor.

old man ndlovu: you speak as though you were one with me divine postman. what i learned however, is that, although the life i lived might seem appealing to the youth, it is not sustainable.

divine postman: it is a fabrication and a distortion of reality. you were portraying an image that seeked approval from your peers.

old man ndlovu: i was not living, i was chasing shadows. today it is this girl, tomorrow it is desiring that car, and the day after, that awesome outfit.

divine postman: oh! what a facade it was old man ndlovu, the eyes can never have enough of seeing. just, as the tongue and the ear, can never have their fill of tasting and hearing.

old man ndlovu: it was a fool’s life that i lived divine postman; in all i did i was rejecting my trueself by always seeking to conform.

old man ndlovu: all men create an illusion in their hearts, which they eventually attract with their mind. they fail to understand, that they do not have long to live.

divine postman: i believe it is only suffering friend that can break our illusions, and anchor us to the reality of nature’s laws.

old man ndlovu: and you can choose divine postman, to either accept the truth; or fight it.

divine postman: but one must keep in mind that water can never run uphill, a rope of sand cannot be twisted and you can never kick a rock without getting bruised.

old man ndlovu: in my old age divine postman, i have come to learn that wisdom is a most noble pursuit; the young must keep their gaze on her.

divine postman: our joy is in proportion to our wisdom, old man ndlovu.

old man ndlovu: without wisdom there can be no understanding. to find joy with the dollar you need wisdom.

divine postman: the man who has sacrificed all things for knowledge, wisdom, and discipline will bring joy to many.

old man: he is the rustle of the corn, the song of a river, and the strength of the aloe.

divine postman: just as the snowball will melt when we bring it indoors, and the aloe will die upon planting it in damp climate, so will a man die in comfort.