emerson: there is no great and no small.

divine postman: to the soul that maketh all.

emerson: and where it cometh all things are.

divine postman: and it cometh everywhere.

emerson: iAM owner of the firmament. of the immortal stars and the strength of the aloe.

divine postman: iAM owner of alexander’s hand. and zoroaster’s brain.

emerson: of xenophon’s heart and montaigne’s strain.


divine postman: there is one mind common to all individual men.

emerson: every man is an inlet to the same and to all of the same. let him believe in his natural genius.

divine postman: and dedicate everyday of his life to his lofty thought. he that is once admitted to the right of reason is made a freeman of the whole estate.

emerson: what plato has thought divine postman, you may think. what a saint has felt, you may feel.

divine postman: all things move according to the knowledge that is in them friend. what at anytime has befallen any man, you can understand emerson.

emerson: who hath access to this universal mind is a party to all that is or can be done. let him embrace suffering and he will dwell in glory.

divine postman: for suffering is the only and sovereign agent when a man desires to create change in his life. through patience all riches are found.


emerson: of the works of this universal mind, history is the record. its genius is illustrated by the entire series of days.

divine postman: man is explicable emerson by nothing less than all his history. the great deeds of men in history teach that one must never be comfortable; but should always challenge himself.

emerson: without hurry divine postman, without rest, the human spirit goes forth from the beginning to embody every faculty, every thought.

divine postman: and every emotion which belongs to it, in appropriate events. how perfect is the human spirit when it is moved by nature. but the thought is always prior to the fact.

emerson: all the facts of history divine postman pre-exist in the mind as laws.

divine postman: each law emerson in turn is made by circumstances predominant, and the limits of nature give power to but one at a time.

emerson: a man is the whole encyclopaedia of facts divine postman. the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.

divine postman: the whole of nature is embodied in man. and egypt, persia, sparta, rome, britain and america lie folded already in the first man.

emerson: epoch after epoch divine postman, camp, kingdom, empire, republic, democracy, are merely the application of his manifold spirit to the manifold world.

divine postman: nature will glorify him who is obedient to her precepts.

emerson: through obedience divine postman we grow in faith. all is possible when you believe. the time that we have is limited let us live in love.


divine postman: this human mind wrote history, and this must read it. the sphinx emerson, must solve her own riddle.

emerson: if the whole of history friend is in one man, it is all to be explained from individual experience.

divine postman: there is a relation emerson between the hours of our life and the centuries of time. as the air i breathe is drawn from the divine repositories of nature.

emerson: as the light on my skin divine postman is yielded by a star a million hours away, and as the poise of my body depends on the equilibrium of centrifugal and centripetal forces.

divine postman: so the hours should be instructed by the ages; and the ages explained by the hours.

emerson: the sorrow of yesterday is what yields the fortune of today. without connecting our past with the glory of today we can never understand.

divine postman: a tree can only grow from its roots. of the universal mind friend each individual is one more incarnation.

emerson: all its properties consist in him divine postman. the mind transcends through all ages.

divine postman: each new fact in our private experience flashes a light on what great bodies of men have done.

as we endure in our genius, we will be given the oracle that what caesar and solomon have achieved, we may achieve.

emerson: every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind divine postman.

divine postman: and when the same thought occurs to me emerson, it is the key to this era.

emerson: every reform friend was once a private opinion, and when it shall be a private opinion again it will solve the problem of the age.

divine postman: the genius of the age needs to forever dwell in mountains of solitude. and believe the greatness of his vision.

emerson: let him uphold through hard constraint, the wide heaven with unwearying faith and patience.

divine postman: standing at the ends of the earth before the clear voiced hesperides. for this lot wise athena assigns to the obedient.


emerson: the fact narrated divine postman must correspond to something in us, to be credible or intelligible.

divine postman: what a revolution is the internet unto mankind. it is the spirit of this age.

emerson: as we read and write in the world wide web must become spartans and stoics; poets and kings; martyr and uprooter.

divine postman: we must fasten these images to some reality in our secret experience, or we shall learn nothing rightly.

emerson: every genius had a great teacher. what plato wrote, socrates lived. and what seneca wrote montaigne lived.

divine postman: as i reflect on my past emerson, i learn that i have always been at the mercy of nature’s laws.

emerson: a man is not rich divine postman because of all that fills his barn; but the truly rich mind is one that is unceasing in the pursuit of knowledge.

divine postman: it is the universal nature friend which gives worth to particular men.

the knowledge that prometheus imparted to mortals can only be retrieved when one chooses to find it.

emerson: let a man always find his identity in who he is and not in what he has; companions will never deliver us from our fears.

divine postman: every man is given his own genius. human life emerson, is mysterious and involiable and we hedge it round with fears.

emerson: none divine postman trust in the glory of the human soul. the greatest fear that all men have is to be alone.


divine postman: the living heaven thy art respect. house at once and architect.

emerson: quarrying man’s rejected hours, builds therewith eternal towers.

divine postman: sole and self-commanding works fears not undermining days.

emerson: the great mind is always willing to be little, it knows that whatever indignities one may suffer they will pass.

divine postman: it grows by decays, and by the famous might that lurks in reaction and recoil.

emerson: makes flame to freeze and ice to boil.

divine postman: forging, through swart arms of offence, the golden seat of innocence.

emerson: when the act of reflection takes place in the mind divine postman, when we look at ourselves in the light of thought, we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty.

divine postman: let them chase their dollar emerson, we will pursue wisdom. behind us, as we go, all things assume pleasing forms, as clouds do far off.

emerson: all it takes is an awareness to observe the beauty in life. not only things familiar and simple, but even tragic and terrible are comely as they take their place in the pictures of memory.

divine postman: the old bridge, the abandoned house, the losses suffered, however neglected in the passing, have a grace in the past.

emerson: even the corpse divine postman, that has lain in the ground has added a solemn ornament to the house. the chickens, the dogs and birds will prattle and play with the rose that grows beside it.

divine postman: the soul will not know either deformity or pain. if in the hours of clear reason we should speak the severest truth, we should say that we had never made a sacrifice.

emerson: in these hours the mind seems so great divine postman that nothing can be taken from us which seems much. nothing is truly lost when the soul has gained a grandeur vantage ground of its presence.

divine postman: all loss, all pain, is particular emerson; the universe remains to the heart unhurt.

emerson: neither vexations divine postman nor calamities abate our trust. no man ever stated his griefs as lightly as he might.

divine postman: allow for exaggeration friend in the most patient and sorely ridden hack that ever was driven.

emerson: for it is only the finite that has wrought and suffered; the infinite lies stretched in smiling repose.

divine postman: the wise will learn that calamity has no power over him. the knowledge and discipline in his mind and body will sustain him to his old age and grey hairs.

emerson: virtue is everlast my friend.


divine postman: life is a journey emerson desiring to impart all the good  that is found in her divine repositories on man.

emerson: the intellectual life may be kept clean and healthful friend, if man will live the life of nature and not import into his mind difficulties which are none of his.

divine postman: nature is the key to man’s fortune; only if he is obedient will he receive glory. no man need be perplexed in his speculations.

let him do and say what strictly belongs to him, and though very ignorant of books, his nature shall not yield him any intellectual obstructions and doubts.

emerson: our young people divine postman are diseased with the conflicting passions of employment and freedom.

they present a practical difficulty upon themselves of succumbing to the pressure of their parents and not searching for their identity.

divine postman: they fear questioning the knowledge of their parents and do not forsake these ruins of regrets. they flee from the new lingering among the dry bones of the past.

emerson: a simple and noble mind will create an enduring kingdom. let our passion in life begin with loving people.

divine postman: we need to be brave in the decisions that we make. a few strong instincts and a few plain rules will suffice us. believing that it is our duty to lay down our lives for the whole of mankind.

emerson: my will divine postman never gave the images in my mind the rank they now take.

the regular course of studies, the years of academical and professional education have not yielded me better facts than some idle books of latin and greek history and philosophy.

divine postman: i dropped out of university emerson because of the seemingly simple books i was reading in my leisure time.

i would spend most of my time in the library gleaning the thoughts of the romantics. and as i cycled and adopted a natural diet of plants and vegetables; i drifted to the stars and let go of lecture halls.

emerson: what we do not call education is more precious than what we call so. we form no guess, at the time of receiving a thought, of its comparative value.

divine postman: and education often wastes its effort in attempts to thwart and bulk this natural magnetism, which is sure to select what belongs to it.

emerson: by nature we will gravitate to what ravishes the human heart. however, upon rejecting nature’s thought we will perish in fear.

divine postman: nature will equip us for every journey she gives us. in like manner our moral nature is vitiated by any interference of our will.

emerson: people divine postman represent virtue as a struggle, and take to themselves great airs upon their attainments.

and the question is everywhere vexed when a noble nature is commended, whether the man is not better who strives with temptation. either love is there or it is not.

divine postman: love whispers in silence and will raise a man through narrow spaces between the hapiness and the hardness. we love characters in proportion as they are impulsive and spontaneous.

emerson: the less a man thinks or knows about his virtues the better we like him. alexander’s victories are the best victories, which had an unsurpassed beauty and grace like homer’s verses.

divine postman: when we see a soul whose acts are all regal, graceful, and pleasant as roses, we must thank athena, the mother of gods and men, that such things can be and are.

emerson: and not turn sourly on the archangel that weaves such poetry. what all men rejoice in divine postman is beauty; in all its mystery it never fails to quench our soul.