samantha: happy is he divine postman, who learns to love all nations.

divine postman: we can only be complete sam, when we are universal in our thinking. and transmute our truth into life.

samantha: without acting on my knowledge that i have acquired; iAM not yet woman.

divine postman: the goal of all knowledge sam is action. when we choose to be brave and confront the darkness, we will dwell in the light.

samantha: all that we learn through observation divine postman, transforms our subconscious.

divine postman: and thus we begin to build our kingdom within through grace and beauty.

samantha: as we move friend, we grow and enhance the power of our sensations.

divine postman: and with our sensations we create memories.

samantha: i have come to know divine postman that memories are the best thing you will ever have.

divine postman: the people i have met in all my journies have shaped my thinking and taught me that whatever nation you are born we are all one.

samantha: let us create wonderful memories divine postman while we still have the time.

divine postman: all our pleasure sam is derived through the faculty of memory. we can never forget the times when we are happy.

samantha: they are the shadow that follow us wherever we go. always knocking on our door.

divine postman: the choices we make are formed from the memories that we create.

samantha: pleasure is a function of the subconscious mind.

divine postman: it is through movement that all the faculties of the body are kindled.

samantha: movement is the fuel that sets the body to light. and the greater the movement the brighter the light.

divine postman: the accumulation of all the light sam is energy.

samantha: and energy divine postman, is the strength of our imagination.

divine postman: the greater the energy friend, the stronger the imagination.

samantha: and the stronger the imagination, the more potent the power of attraction.

divine postman: we have to labor in love uniting all mankind.