ncedo: i was born not to make it divine postman; but i did.

divine postman: the tribulations of a rural kid make the city dolls wonder, how did he make it?

ncedo: with all the odds stacked against him divine postman, he rose to be a man. no man alive has ever witness struggles i survive.

divine postman: we will always be misunderstood ncedo; for no man can begin to conceive the sorrow in our mind most times.

ncedo: it is best to marry solitude and meditate on our thoughts. we can never belong in a crowd.

divine postman: it is better to flee and search for the ocean within. where beauty, peace, and joy is found.

ncedo: we are called to lead them in silence. and with time the truth of our constitution will give them reason.

divine postman: and maybe they may see with the eye of the soul.

ncedo: for non-conformity the world will whip you with its displeasure, and one day to envy you for all your success.

divine postman: they never think of the sacrifices i made, the risks i took, and the companions i left behind.

ncedo: the prize will be gained when we persist and remain in love. we need to focus our energies on the goal.

divine postman: which is seeking to make this world a better place for the children of tomorrow.

ncedo: and that they might build on our shoulders and create more sublime works of art.

divine postman: let us forsake matter and invest in time so as to gain knowledge, wisdom and beauty.

ncedo: all we own friend is a liability, the true asset is your mind and your body.

divine postman: the wise will learn that when he has lost all things but still has himself, truly he has lost nothing.

ncedo: the soul is a progress not a station.