nosolomzi: the truth divine postman is that matter has no life!

divine postman: when the gatherer gathers too much nosolomzi, nature takes out of the man what she puts into his chest. swells the estate but kills the owner.

nosolomzi: and so the burdened laborer takes the life in him and puts it inside all that he owns. settling for matter and rejecting love.

divine postman: the tragedy however, is that parents who are trapped in the material realm will subsequently oppress their children.

nosolomzi: an inheritance is more easily acquired than gotten rid of.

divine postman: it is only when we sell and give, all that has been passed down to us, that our minds will be free.

nosolomzi: it is a paradox and defies all understanding, as to how the village dweller in the countryside is content with his single room hut and sleeping on his single bed.

divine postman: compared to the civilized man who runs up and down seeking to balance his books yet never balancing his life.

nosolomzi: the citizen rejects his life whereas the village sojourner is always sitting in love.

divine postman: no man thoroughly understands a truth until he has contended against it.

nosolomzi: so no man has a thorough acquaintance with simplicity and the power of poverty, until he has suffered from them and seen the truimph of these jewels over comfort and security.

divine postman: comfort and security breed many fears and living in quiet desperation. whereas poverty and simplicity erode all fears and teach one that he has absolutely nothing to lose but his ridiculously naked life.

nosolomzi: and so it is that through poverty and simplicity we find true riches within that the dollar can never buy.

divine postman: the truly poor is he who can never have enough but always craves more and compares himself unceasingly with his neighbors.

nosolommzi: and thus he does not see the beauty in his children but is obsessed with his estate and conspicuous appearance.

divine postman: the village dweller is content with her troop of sons and daughters who all sleep on the floor in her single bedroom hut.

nosolomzi: at times they may not have food to eat but they are bound in love.

divine postman: love is enough to sustain all creatures. as is the sun.

nosolomzi: let us rome in solitude divine postman, exploring the ends of the earth.

divine postman: too much food, too much possessions, and too many companions will clutter our lives. we must go alone to understand the cause.

nosolmzi: all joy stems from simplicity friend. let the vessel be simple and wise; it will never fail to contain the joy that is its due.