graeme: what a waste of time is university divine postman!

divine postman: university does not embody the culture of learning. it seeks to drill and teach unhealthy habits.

graeme: such as?

divine postman: such as, sleeping late and eating snacks and drinking coffee. in essence, through indoctrination from schooling we ask less questions.

graeme: do you realise friend, that the habits people pick up in university stay with them for the rest of their lives?

divine postman: the partying, the meeting of deadlines, and the acceptance of authority. our parents sell us as slaves to institutions because they are ignorant.

graeme: it is true what you say friend, schooling breeds slaves who will obey the governments orders or the corporations principles. oh! how great is the price of ignorance.

divine postman: it robs one of his natural order and his pure principles. the value of institutions will become your values.

and this deadly cycle will become generational! for it is in the interest of protecting the generational wealth, and eroding any form of questioning.

graeme: it imprisons the sons and daughters, preventing them from realizing their full potential. paying tuition is the sacrifice of your intuition with all its glorious history. we sell our soul for material riches!

divine postman: and it is where friction with nature’s laws begins, according to nature’s laws we attract everything. the young graduate, on the other hand, will rush for offices that promise great pay.

his whole life, he will work for money and not have it work for him. he will succumb to all the pressures of society because he did not seek true knowledge.

and subsequently the conditions of nature that are written in his soul, will bring him to a steady halt in the long-term. since his focus is maximizing profits; and not the art of fulfillment.

graeme: oh! how men have come to idolize paper money. the knowledge that they trust in, will fail them; inside they do not grow.

divine postman: you cannot have an outside without an inside. we have lost our ability to reason, and neglect the wealth of knowledge in our body. we have become sheep and not shepherds.

graeme: thus will men slowly descend into poverty; forever holding onto the illusion, that they possess some form of wealth. and never aware that as the brain stops being curious and starts to settle into a routine, it will begin to die.

debt is a desire to attain growth, but since you are operating on a system of extrinsic motivation, you will degenerate within.

by acquiring cars, clothes and homes that never serve your soul, nature will swell your estate and what she puts into your chest she will take out of your heart.

divine postman: she will swell the estate but kill the owner! when a man is in debt graeme, it is a truest manifestation of how he has neglected his soul. and now, he tries to make water run uphill by compensating the loss of his character with excessive possessions.

and, so, friend the university graduate will find meaning in a piece of paper that can be destroyed by wind, fire, and water.

graeme: he will always boast about how learned he is when he cannot even fix his flat tyre!

there is only one way to grow divine postman and it is to invest in your mind, your body, and your heart. do the things that you love.

divine postman: better the independent genius my friend. by reading many classics; cycling thousands of kilometres; and adopting a troop of sons and daughters, we will yield immortal wealth.

graeme: schooling promotes competition and not co-operation. nature does not operate on the basis of competing, but according to unity and simplicity.

and so instead of embracing our natural state of love, we manipulate all the good and create a culture of people collecting items that they will not fit in their coffin when they die.

divine postman: people never think about the legacy that they will leave behind when they die.

and thereby life writes another tragedy graeme, whereby men and women die in their homes never exploring heaven and earth. our age is all about possession and preservation.

graeme: people are prisoners in their own homes. we reject love and settle for the weight of the dollar. and thus, the heart dies with every paycheck.

divine postman: the best that the majority of the men and women can do is to search for love in entertainment. which forms some kind of third estate, as it does not sink into the heart.