divine postman: anything is possible leo when you believe.

leo: all a man needs is faith and he can move any mountain.

divine postman: what we need to bear in mind friend is that, suffering is only for a while. joy is everlast.

leo: there is a time and a season for everything and we need to obey the commands of time paying the debt she has imposed upon our talents.

divine postman: the greatest among all men is he who perseveres the long. and he will come to learn that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

leo: it always seems impossible until it is done friend. let no mortal tell you what you can or cannot achieve divine postman.

divine postman: every woman is born a queen and every man a king, so long as they believe in their own bold thought they preserve their royalty.

leo: but men divine postman, forsake their responsibility as fathers.

divine postman: and the women leo have to clean up the mess that men make. the burden of raising children will fall upon women.

leo: the soul says the man and woman will be one flesh and one soul; but the body will join the flesh only.

divine postman: and the soul commands: have dominion over all things to the end of knowledge and virtue. the body would have dominion over things to its own end.

leo: better the man who chose to get a vasectomy. he has his whole life to contemplate the laws of nature and thus marrying wisdom.

divine postman: by nature leo we are selfish beings, both men and women alike. and we fail to understand that there is a cost to all our pleasure.

leo: pleasure can yield no fruit when a man has not paid the lawful price ordained by nature.

divine postman: we need to observe the universal laws of nature. in order to enjoy our pleasures fully.

leo: they will bring us pain when we have not made room for them and prepared the soul.

divine postman: as the gardener prunes his trees, the wise will learn to prune their souls by letting go of all the old to receive immortal glory.

leo: we cannot be poets and bankers divine postman, nor travelers and parents.

divine postman: i will give my life to one damn good thing. and be a sacrifice for the love of man.

leo: the martyr is honored. for every lash on his body is a tongue of fame.

divine postman: and every prison a more illustrious abode. history will honor the brave.