divine postman: tell me your secrets, come back to haunt me.

lee: oh! darling let us go back to the start. tell me you love me.

divine postman: i remember those lovely times we had. when you taught me love is enough.

lee: the imagination divine postman holds all the splendors of love and must be kept pure at all costs.

divine postman: we are independant because of our imagination lee. self-reliance is the belief in the glory of your subconscious.

lee: there is no excess to love, none to beauty, none to knowledge, when these attributes are considered in the purest sense. they are present, much like a river flowing.

divine postman: and that which a man drinks will fulfill his exact need. beauty, love, and knowledge in their purest sense are perfect.

lee: the great things in life divine postman come at a high cost; and one needs to do all that it takes to preserve his natural genius.

divine postman: has he light lee? he will have to bear witness to that light and overcome the limitation with the force of his thought.

lee: the imagination divine postman is enough to sustain a man, and deliver him from all his troubles. the genius will learn: all that lives is all that moves.

divine postman: our truest being is found in the depths of the sea.

lee: all good friend stems from the ends of the earth and him who overcomes will behold aurora.

divine postman: i will trust in the storehouse of the earth lee and not in the dollar. believing that true riches lay in the sun.

lee: i will wait for my star to come. she will bring all my gifts.

divine postman: never lose your intercourse with nature lee. it is your true and only inheritance.

lee: what nature ordains divine postman she will fulfill, let the traveler always hold his gaze, and watch for change.

divine postman: evermore welcome to gods and men lee, is the mortal who waits remaining patient in suffering.

lee: love lives in our hearts, and time will never erase beauty in our mind.

divine postman: it is the muse who holds us together with her tribe of dreams. and aligns us with the poles of the world.

lee: memories are the treasure of a man.