okuhle: our greatest treasure is time divine postman.

divine postman: we can only be rich once we choose to invest in time. how we use our time will determine the source of our joy.

okuhle: money can never buy time; only suffering will do. it is the one thing that no mortal can never repay, no matter how grateful they are.

divine postman: they say time is money but really it is not. when we lose all things time is all that will remain. and we can always live.

okuhle: the best things in life money can never buy. no amount of gold can purchase love, beauty, joy, and freedom.

divine postman: let us cease to overlook the wonders of nature and begin to lose all the appearances of the world.

okuhle: how is it that we are too busy to watch the sunset? how does man lose his awe for the heavenly bodies? can we no longer behold the might of the rushing sea?

divine postman: we have substituted the spectacle of nature for telescreens and cupboards in our rooms.

okuhle: it is an embarassment what man has become. his attention has been robbed from him.

divine postman: that which gives him life and feeds him, he fails to acknowledge. he is too proud to bow to the ground, as the chicken and the oxen do.

i sometimes wonder what the dogs, and birds, and cats think when they see man in his coach and high hills.

okuhle: they see a prisoner divine postman. i have come to learn that my kinship with nature is a reflection of the intimacy with my soul.

divine postman: our love for nature is love for ourselves okuhle. the mountain i see is the kingdom i have to build. and as i climb it, so do i grow within.

okuhle: i have been to the mountaintop divine postman; and i have seen the promise land.

divine postman: and so we will learn to wait okuhle for that great day. when the sea will burst forth destroying all buildings and preserving the arts.

okuhle: look divine postman there is a rainbow.