ncedo: we cannot be having so many kids divine postman!

divine postman: what a waste is marriage! our age has gone absolutely mad ncedo. people are having children that they will not have the time to raise.

ncedo: they have chosen the dollar and rejected love. and so they will always be too busy working to teach their kids.

divine postman: their children will then be handed over to institutions. whoever trusts in the dollar will never be free.

ncedo: but people always make the argument divine postman, that they need to work because they need to send their kids to the best schools. and give their children opportunities that they never had.

diivine postman: first thing is first friend: money cannot buy love; the best school is a mother’s heart. and the youth can create his own opportunities. he does not need his parents to think for him.

ncedo: in essence it is all idolatry. parents work their whole lives to acquire and maintain a lifestyle that is marketed to them.

divine postman: and they make the excuse of claiming that they are working for their children, when they are merely serving their own interests.

ncedo: true learning divine postman happens through observation. whoever fails to solve the sphinx will be slain.

divine postman: and will live their whole lives in the confines of fear.

ncedo: let us never lose the child within but learn to preserve the immortal subconscious.

divine postman: the knowledge of parents is rapidly aging and will soon become extinct.

ncedo: buying material things and storing them up in homes is a complete waste. the world moves on the power of communication.

divine postman: we are living in the age of communication. what matters today ncedo, is knowledge and if you fail to teach yourself, you will always be someone’s slave.

ncedo: and the earth is moving so swiftly that we can barely keep up with the change.

divine postman: all men have a choice ncedo; and they can choose to either reject this radical technology before us or align themselves with it.

ncedo: men still dwell among the stale bread of the past divine postman. however great a revolution there is in this age, what history will remember is what we made of it.

divine postman: many will settle for crumbs and will not draw fresh water from the river.

ncedo: when a man drinks from nature and does not swallow some recycled output, his whole being is transformed.

divine postman: he is born again and wide awake. without wisdom ncedo, there can never be understanding. in times of rough electric currents, it is not possessions that will save us but wisdom.

ncedo: indeed divine postman; let every man first listen before he speaks. it is not buildings that compose a nation but the people.

divine postman: the answer we need to every problem we encounter is within. every revolution was once a thought in one man’s mind.

and when the same bold thought occurs to another man, it will be the key to that era.

ncedo: let every man be aware, that with his dreams he will push humanity forward; but when dwelling in his fears he will drag us backwards.

divine postman: so long as we persist in patience glory will be gained. do not forget your history nor your destiny.

ncedo: what a gift it is to read divine postman.

divine postman: what a gift it is to live and write ncedo.

ncedo: the poet will speak of what has been and of what is.

divine postman: and of what will be. the only thing worth beholding is beauty.