old man ndlovu: in my younger days divine postman, i used to run these streets.

divine postman: you were chasing them pretty girls, old man ndlovu, and always finding your confidence in liquor.

old man ndlovu: you speak as though you were one with me divine postman. what i learned however, is that, although the life i lived might seem appealing to the youth, it is not sustainable.

divine postman: it is a fabrication and a distortion of reality. you were portraying an image that seeked approval from your peers.

old man ndlovu: i was not living, i was chasing shadows. today it is this girl, tomorrow it is desiring that car, and the day after, that awesome outfit.

divine postman: oh! what a facade it was old man ndlovu, the eyes can never have enough of seeing. just, as the tongue and the ear, can never have their fill of tasting and hearing.

old man ndlovu: it was a fool’s life that i lived divine postman; in all i did i was rejecting my trueself by always seeking to conform.

old man ndlovu: all men create an illusion in their hearts, which they eventually attract with their mind. they fail to understand, that they do not have long to live.

divine postman: i believe it is only suffering friend that can break our illusions, and anchor us to the reality of nature’s laws.

old man ndlovu: and you can choose divine postman, to either accept the truth; or fight it.

divine postman: but one must keep in mind that water can never run uphill, a rope of sand cannot be twisted and you can never kick a rock without getting bruised.

old man ndlovu: in my old age divine postman, i have come to learn that wisdom is a most noble pursuit; the young must keep their gaze on her.

divine postman: our joy is in proportion to our wisdom, old man ndlovu.

old man ndlovu: without wisdom there can be no understanding. to find joy with the dollar you need wisdom.

divine postman: the man who has sacrificed all things for knowledge, wisdom, and discipline will bring joy to many.

old man: he is the rustle of the corn, the song of a river, and the strength of the aloe.

divine postman: just as the snowball will melt when we bring it indoors, and the aloe will die upon planting it in damp climate, so will a man die in comfort.





emerson: there is no great and no small.

divine postman: to the soul that maketh all.

emerson: and where it cometh all things are.

divine postman: and it cometh everywhere.

emerson: iAM owner of the firmament. of the immortal stars and the strength of the aloe.

divine postman: iAM owner of alexander’s hand. and zoroaster’s brain.

emerson: of xenophon’s heart and montaigne’s strain.


samantha: happy is he divine postman, who learns to love all nations.

divine postman: we can only be complete sam, when we are universal in our thinking. and transmute our truth into life.

samantha: without acting on my knowledge that i have acquired; iAM not yet woman.

divine postman: the goal of all knowledge sam is action. when we choose to be brave and confront the darkness, we will dwell in the light.

samantha: all that we learn through observation divine postman, transforms our subconscious.

divine postman: and thus we begin to build our kingdom within through grace and beauty.

samantha: as we move friend, we grow and enhance the power of our sensations.

divine postman: and with our sensations we create memories.

samantha: i have come to know divine postman that memories are the best thing you will ever have.

divine postman: the people i have met in all my journies have shaped my thinking and taught me that whatever nation you are born we are all one.

samantha: let us create wonderful memories divine postman while we still have the time.

divine postman: all our pleasure sam is derived through the faculty of memory. we can never forget the times when we are happy.

samantha: they are the shadow that follow us wherever we go. always knocking on our door.

divine postman: the choices we make are formed from the memories that we create.

samantha: pleasure is a function of the subconscious mind.

divine postman: it is through movement that all the faculties of the body are kindled.

samantha: movement is the fuel that sets the body to light. and the greater the movement the brighter the light.

divine postman: the accumulation of all the light sam is energy.

samantha: and energy divine postman, is the strength of our imagination.

divine postman: the greater the energy friend, the stronger the imagination.

samantha: and the stronger the imagination, the more potent the power of attraction.

divine postman: we have to labor in love uniting all mankind.



ncedo: i was born not to make it divine postman; but i did.

divine postman: the tribulations of a rural kid make the city dolls wonder, how did he make it?

ncedo: with all the odds stacked against him divine postman, he rose to be a man. no man alive has ever witness struggles i survive.

divine postman: we will always be misunderstood ncedo; for no man can begin to conceive the sorrow in our mind most times.

ncedo: it is best to marry solitude and meditate on our thoughts. we can never belong in a crowd.

divine postman: it is better to flee and search for the ocean within. where beauty, peace, and joy is found.

ncedo: we are called to lead them in silence. and with time the truth of our constitution will give them reason.

divine postman: and maybe they may see with the eye of the soul.

ncedo: for non-conformity the world will whip you with its displeasure, and one day to envy you for all your success.

divine postman: they never think of the sacrifices i made, the risks i took, and the companions i left behind.

ncedo: the prize will be gained when we persist and remain in love. we need to focus our energies on the goal.

divine postman: which is seeking to make this world a better place for the children of tomorrow.

ncedo: and that they might build on our shoulders and create more sublime works of art.

divine postman: let us forsake matter and invest in time so as to gain knowledge, wisdom and beauty.

ncedo: all we own friend is a liability, the true asset is your mind and your body.

divine postman: the wise will learn that when he has lost all things but still has himself, truly he has lost nothing.

ncedo: the soul is a progress not a station.



nosolomzi: the truth divine postman is that matter has no life!

divine postman: when the gatherer gathers too much nosolomzi, nature takes out of the man what she puts into his chest. swells the estate but kills the owner.

nosolomzi: and so the burdened laborer takes the life in him and puts it inside all that he owns. settling for matter and rejecting love.

divine postman: the tragedy however, is that parents who are trapped in the material realm will subsequently oppress their children.

nosolomzi: an inheritance is more easily acquired than gotten rid of.

divine postman: it is only when we sell and give, all that has been passed down to us, that our minds will be free.

nosolomzi: it is a paradox and defies all understanding, as to how the village dweller in the countryside is content with his single room hut and sleeping on his single bed.

divine postman: compared to the civilized man who runs up and down seeking to balance his books yet never balancing his life.

nosolomzi: the citizen rejects his life whereas the village sojourner is always sitting in love.

divine postman: no man thoroughly understands a truth until he has contended against it.

nosolomzi: so no man has a thorough acquaintance with simplicity and the power of poverty, until he has suffered from them and seen the truimph of these jewels over comfort and security.

divine postman: comfort and security breed many fears and living in quiet desperation. whereas poverty and simplicity erode all fears and teach one that he has absolutely nothing to lose but his ridiculously naked life.

nosolomzi: and so it is that through poverty and simplicity we find true riches within that the dollar can never buy.

divine postman: the truly poor is he who can never have enough but always craves more and compares himself unceasingly with his neighbors.

nosolommzi: and thus he does not see the beauty in his children but is obsessed with his estate and conspicuous appearance.

divine postman: the village dweller is content with her troop of sons and daughters who all sleep on the floor in her single bedroom hut.

nosolomzi: at times they may not have food to eat but they are bound in love.

divine postman: love is enough to sustain all creatures. as is the sun.

nosolomzi: let us rome in solitude divine postman, exploring the ends of the earth.

divine postman: too much food, too much possessions, and too many companions will clutter our lives. we must go alone to understand the cause.

nosolmzi: all joy stems from simplicity friend. let the vessel be simple and wise; it will never fail to contain the joy that is its due.

graeme: what a waste of time is university divine postman!

divine postman: university does not embody the culture of learning. it seeks to drill and teach unhealthy habits.

graeme: such as?

divine postman: such as, sleeping late and eating snacks and drinking coffee. in essence, through indoctrination from schooling we ask less questions.

graeme: do you realise friend, that the habits people pick up in university stay with them for the rest of their lives?

divine postman: the partying, the meeting of deadlines, and the acceptance of authority. our parents sell us as slaves to institutions because they are ignorant.

graeme: it is true what you say friend, schooling breeds slaves who will obey the governments orders or the corporations principles. oh! how great is the price of ignorance.

divine postman: it robs one of his natural order and his pure principles. the value of institutions will become your values.

and this deadly cycle will become generational! for it is in the interest of protecting the generational wealth, and eroding any form of questioning.

graeme: it imprisons the sons and daughters, preventing them from realizing their full potential. paying tuition is the sacrifice of your intuition with all its glorious history. we sell our soul for material riches!

divine postman: and it is where friction with nature’s laws begins, according to nature’s laws we attract everything. the young graduate, on the other hand, will rush for offices that promise great pay.

his whole life, he will work for money and not have it work for him. he will succumb to all the pressures of society because he did not seek true knowledge.

and subsequently the conditions of nature that are written in his soul, will bring him to a steady halt in the long-term. since his focus is maximizing profits; and not the art of fulfillment.

graeme: oh! how men have come to idolize paper money. the knowledge that they trust in, will fail them; inside they do not grow.

divine postman: you cannot have an outside without an inside. we have lost our ability to reason, and neglect the wealth of knowledge in our body. we have become sheep and not shepherds.

graeme: thus will men slowly descend into poverty; forever holding onto the illusion, that they possess some form of wealth. and never aware that as the brain stops being curious and starts to settle into a routine, it will begin to die.

debt is a desire to attain growth, but since you are operating on a system of extrinsic motivation, you will degenerate within.

by acquiring cars, clothes and homes that never serve your soul, nature will swell your estate and what she puts into your chest she will take out of your heart.

divine postman: she will swell the estate but kill the owner! when a man is in debt graeme, it is a truest manifestation of how he has neglected his soul. and now, he tries to make water run uphill by compensating the loss of his character with excessive possessions.

and, so, friend the university graduate will find meaning in a piece of paper that can be destroyed by wind, fire, and water.

graeme: he will always boast about how learned he is when he cannot even fix his flat tyre!

there is only one way to grow divine postman and it is to invest in your mind, your body, and your heart. do the things that you love.

divine postman: better the independent genius my friend. by reading many classics; cycling thousands of kilometres; and adopting a troop of sons and daughters, we will yield immortal wealth.

graeme: schooling promotes competition and not co-operation. nature does not operate on the basis of competing, but according to unity and simplicity.

and so instead of embracing our natural state of love, we manipulate all the good and create a culture of people collecting items that they will not fit in their coffin when they die.

divine postman: people never think about the legacy that they will leave behind when they die.

and thereby life writes another tragedy graeme, whereby men and women die in their homes never exploring heaven and earth. our age is all about possession and preservation.

graeme: people are prisoners in their own homes. we reject love and settle for the weight of the dollar. and thus, the heart dies with every paycheck.

divine postman: the best that the majority of the men and women can do is to search for love in entertainment. which forms some kind of third estate, as it does not sink into the heart.


divine postman: anything is possible leo when you believe.

leo: all a man needs is faith and he can move any mountain.

divine postman: what we need to bear in mind friend is that, suffering is only for a while. joy is everlast.

leo: there is a time and a season for everything and we need to obey the commands of time paying the debt she has imposed upon our talents.

divine postman: the greatest among all men is he who perseveres the long. and he will come to learn that he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

leo: it always seems impossible until it is done friend. let no mortal tell you what you can or cannot achieve divine postman.

divine postman: every woman is born a queen and every man a king, so long as they believe in their own bold thought they preserve their royalty.

leo: but men divine postman, forsake their responsibility as fathers.

divine postman: and the women leo have to clean up the mess that men make. the burden of raising children will fall upon women.

leo: the soul says the man and woman will be one flesh and one soul; but the body will join the flesh only.

divine postman: and the soul commands: have dominion over all things to the end of knowledge and virtue. the body would have dominion over things to its own end.

leo: better the man who chose to get a vasectomy. he has his whole life to contemplate the laws of nature and thus marrying wisdom.

divine postman: by nature leo we are selfish beings, both men and women alike. and we fail to understand that there is a cost to all our pleasure.

leo: pleasure can yield no fruit when a man has not paid the lawful price ordained by nature.

divine postman: we need to observe the universal laws of nature. in order to enjoy our pleasures fully.

leo: they will bring us pain when we have not made room for them and prepared the soul.

divine postman: as the gardener prunes his trees, the wise will learn to prune their souls by letting go of all the old to receive immortal glory.

leo: we cannot be poets and bankers divine postman, nor travelers and parents.

divine postman: i will give my life to one damn good thing. and be a sacrifice for the love of man.

leo: the martyr is honored. for every lash on his body is a tongue of fame.

divine postman: and every prison a more illustrious abode. history will honor the brave.