gcigz: we all have the power to choose divine postman.

divine postman: indeed friend, and the choices we make tilt us toward our destiny.

gcigz: can we conclude divine postman that, given our ability to choose is the greatest freedom we exercise as humans, slavery then becomes a choice?

divine postman: inner freedom gcigz is a jewel that no man can take away from me. none but ourselves can free our minds.

there can be no freedom without when i do not choose to be free within.

gcigz: the unconquerable will; this every man is entitled to.

divine postman: each person must live their own life. it is most dangerous friend to give up your freedom to choose.

no-one can come near me but through my own act.

gcigz: i will bow down before no man divine postman. i must live according to my own truth.

divine postman: all things will obey me gcigz from the rising to the setting of the sun. iAM wisest of all men. no man alive has ever witnessed struggles i survive.

gcigz: let man not raise his fist at nature; but follow her footsteps.

divine postman: fools will always be fools. the best reflection of a man is his companions.

gcigz: nothing good ever came out of a crowd. the devil is a legion, the gods dwell in water.

divine postman: it is no good to argue with a fool. let them fools spend their silver talents, maintaining their homes and losing their minds.

gcigz: and the wise will remain calm. the poor means men use in our day to get ahead show that the ends are not worth much.

divine postman: i have seen what a drunken mess this world is gcigz.

gcigz: alcohol never saved a man. the pleasure of liquor does not last.

divine postman: what goes up must come down. a man’s problems attack him more viciously after the come down.

gcigz: i will reap what i sow. what i put in my mouth is what i will get out.

divine postman: eventually every man must confront who they are and understand that problems are part of life.

gcigz: they exist to bring out the best in me. and to teach me that my best asset is my mind and body.

divine postman: you must always look within gcigz. every man is born a king, and him who overcomes all dangers set before him, will receive his prize.

gcigz: there can never be two kings on a throne, you can never worship two masters.

divine postman: a man will choose between his soul and the dollar.

gcigz: without paying the price friend we can never find love.

divine postman: all that nature made thy own gcigz, floating in air or pent in stone, will rive the hills, and swim the sea. and like thy shadow follow thee.