divine postman: how can we learn for money bruno and not for love?

bruno: people are too impatient with love divine postman; they are simply not prepared to wait.

divine postman: when we learn to wait we build something great; which will be honored in this age and remembered for generations to come.

bruno: only what is done out of pure love will last divine postman.

divine postman: nature, according to her divine providence, has prescribed the way man must follow.

bruno: but in his ignorance, man refuses to abide in her laws. nature is poor on the outside but infinitely rich on the inside.

divine postman: in all their endeavors people always take shortcuts. they reach for what is nearby because they fear poverty.

they fail to understand that as they huff and puff, chasing after the dollar, they become poor in their minds.

bruno: so much of nature do we know divine postman, is a reflection of how much of our mind we possess. the only thing a man can ever possess is his mind, body, and heart.

divine postman: the mass of man are poor friend because they do not think. they choose to work for money in order to enjoy petty comforts.

bruno: and these very comforts divine postman are what will lead to their downfall.

divine postman: they fail to see that all things are sustained by grace.

bruno: to engage our minds we need to engage our bodies, it is only through pain and suffering that we begin to learn.

divine postman: when one is pushed, tormented, and defeated he has a chance to learn something invaluable.

bruno: but most importantly, through the suffering, he will grow and teach others how to stand when they have fallen.

divine postman: let a man learn to treasure his mind, his body, and his heart. for all things come forth from his heart.

bruno: let us all live on our bicycles friend; knowing that our legs will sustain us as we move.

divine postman: movement is the birth of life. our dna consists primarily of water and light.

bruno: the body is a law, and the man who understands the law will runaway with fortune.

divine postman: she will soothe his mind bruno, compensating him for all his sorrows.

bruno: i will lean on my faith divine postman, finding meaning in the glory of my natural genius.

divine postman: and for you friend all doors will be flung wide open. learn to trust yourself.