divine postman: i love a white women. but they tell me, “whites are not welcome here.”

cherilyn: and they tell me darling that “blacks do not enter here.”

divine postman: honey they trying to seperate us like apartheid.

cherilyn: we will hold on to each other in spite of all these looks of envy. it is only nature that can guide this love.

divine postman: take my hand and let us rest in the sea.

cherilyn: constantly moving and making millions with these words. this love we need to share with the world.

divine postman: remembering the many days when we were struggling. teaching us humility and being selfless in all that we do. believing our purpose is in serving man.

cherilyn: we do not find shelter in our households but in the wide-eyed earth. and so we are never comfortable and never complacent.

divine postman: comfort cherilyn will only yield death.

cherilyn: only suffering divine postman, will make us rich.

divine postman: i loved many women cherilyn and had my heart broken many times.

cherilyn: in all your travels what did you learn my friend.

divine postman: nothing lasts forever, everything is fleeting. the only person you can love is yourself.

cherilyn: love begins with me divine postman, and overflows to you.