hesiod: it is possible to live a solitary life and be happy. a solitary life divine postman is to live wholly from within.

divine postman: this is the worshipping of the soul hesiod, when a man has faith in his genius.

hesiod: indeed divine postman; it is understanding that all good stems from within. he who is wise owns heaven and earth.

all that exists in the material realm is a manifestation of the life in the spiritual realm.

divine postman: and so every man will choose hesiod, between life and the dollar.

hesiod: we can only be rich when we pursue our dreams. we grow into man and woman thinking.

divine postman: the soul creates and moves through the spirit. and the less a man owns, the greater glory he finds within.

hesiod: a clarity of mind enables an individual to express themselves purely and take charge of his life.

divine postman: what is simple can be understood. the subconscious is rooted in simplicity.

it is immortal in all its everlasting light, hence it needs to be preserved purely. the noise must be silenced in solitude.

hesiod: it is easy to become a millionaire divine postman. do not do what 90% of the people do.

divine postman: success is straight and narrow hesiod.

hesiod: take the road less traveled by. let your passion be your life.

divine postman: a man’s entire existence must be shaped solely by his art. and to reach utmost simplicity he will shed many tears, as he will be stripped to naked existence.

in the beginning it will be hard but in the long-term it will get more bearable and more fun.

hesiod: it takes a lot of determination divine postman, a lot of persistence.

divine postman: and a lot of patience.

hesiod: he who has a ‘why’ can bear with almost anyhow. life will teach a man to fight for his prize.

divine postman: a man is rich through his faith. all he receives is in proportion to how much he believes. what i have experienced no powers on earth can ever take away from me.

hesiod: i must first envision what i desire within and obsess about it day and night.

divine postman: the strangest secret hesiod, is to pay the price. the simplest things are the most powerful things.