plato: the train of time, waits for no man divine postman, she stretches out her hand like a newly wed maiden saying: come to me burdensome men and i will give you shelter.

divine postman: oh! what a burden man has placed on himself plato; he is clapped into jail by his conscious. and dies in the confines of fear.

plato: if you are wise friend, you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more.

divine postman: freedom is the choicest of all joys plato. richest of all men is he who is free.

plato: but fear holds dominion over all men divine postman. whoever is not free within will never be free without.

divine postman: the mass of man are lazy, they never do things out of love. all they do is sit on their backsides watching screens, never searching for meaning.

plato: they do not treasure memories divine postman; they are limited in their perspective on life because they aimed low and chose to be conservative.

divine postman: they play not to lose friend and as a result take fewer risks. with fewer risks there is a small reward. and in the end they end up losing because they will attract their fears.

plato: a small mind will never achieve great things; a great mind will learn to endure and adapt as it moves along. the wise will venture, and the wise will find.

divine postman: let us stay true to our convictions plato, and pay our debt to time.

plato: what matters most in all that i do divine postman, is that i grow. success is doing what you believe is great work.

divine postman: the work that i do plato is a gift unto all men. and by always striving to be at my best, i bring out the best in those that are around me.

plato: what people remember divine postman is your presence. they will not remember you for all the things you had, but for the spirit you embodied.

divine postman: let us impart love at all times and speak with a tongue as sweet as the taste of honey.

plato: we can only love others when we begin to love ourselves. what poverty will teach a man is that we are always rich within.