shelley: fathers would not know how to raise children divine postman.

divine postman: their lives have been such miserable failures shelley. nothing can be orderly if you are not orderly within.

shelley: and so without understanding themselves they failed to understand their children.

divine postman: all that parents do shelley, is project their insecurities on their children.

shelley: and subsequently forcing children to adopt their thinking. no way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof divine postman.

divine postman: a child is not the property of parents shelly; she is the offspring of nature.

shelly: we can never live the regrets of parents; we can only align our footsteps with the sun and let the moon light our way.

divine postman: old deeds for old people; new deeds for new people. they did not know of the wonders of the internet.

shelly: we combine this revolutionary technology divine postman with the wisdom of antiquity.

divine postman: confident that nature will never forsake us. love will reward our labor.

shelly: age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth.

divine postman: for it has not profited so much as it has lost. the young will teach shelly. and show the old all that is new.

shelly: we need to connect our humility with our greatness, always bearing in mind that to understand our destiny we need to remember our history.

divine postman: without obeying time shelly, we can never uncover the treasure that awaits us.

shelly: it is not good to be comfortable divine postman; we need to always challenge ourselves constantly moving.

divine postman: you can have all the talent in the whole wide earth friend, but if you put it to no use it is as good as nothing.

shelly: each man has a mind with unlimited potential, each man has a body with unlimited potential. but the power within can never be unleashed without digging

divine postman: the problem we have on this earth shelly is that of ignorance. with all the good nature has bestowed upon man, he simply refuses to learn.

shelly: they “learn” only when they are promised of having a great job. and so in the 21st century, whereby knowledge is as abundant as the waters in the sea, the mass of man remain ignorant.

divine postman: they fail to acknowledge that all they need is a user-friendly cellphone and a connection to the internet.

shelly: with those tools divine postman, accompanied with a bicycle and a whole foods plant based diet, he can understand all things.

divine postman: there is absolutely no reason for man to not teach himself in this divine age.

shelly: people refuse to learn divine postman, because they fear knowing themselves.

divine postman: the human mind with the human body can move things you never thought could be moved.

shelly: given it is aligned with nature, obeying her divine laws, it will open doors you never thought could ever be opened.

divine postman: those who do not search will never find.

shelly: great things are hard to attain because once attained they need to be preserved with care.