plutarch: everything is made known before it happens divine postman. what nature ordains she will fulfill.

divine postman: art, sport, and philosophy is our only hope as humanity. it is the divine trinity transcending beyond all borders.

plutarch: it is what will unite all of man; from africa to asia and from asia to europe.

divine postman: we need to hunt and master the immortal fire, that prometheus gave unto us mortals. to create beauty for generations to come.

plutarch: we can only learn through suffering divine postman.

divine postman: let us learn to accept all that we have lost. and let the past rest in the sea.

plutarch: we need to focus on creating the future and re-building ourselves from the roots.

divine postman: life goes on plutarch, when you lose something you gain something else.

plutarch: when one door closes divine postman; many more will open. all that lives is the emotion in our heart, which becomes the thought in our minds.

divine postman: we believed in our dreams plutatch, and so we decided to write. these words of my own from my heart flow.

plutarch: rock bottom is the solid foundation on which i rebuilt my life divine postman.

divine postman: let us retreat to the countryside plutarch to reminisce and put pen to the page; writing of our journeys, hugged by the mountains.

plutarch: i believe all men can change their life for the better divine postman, all it takes is a decision.

divine postman: the beginning of greatness is knowing who you are.