socrates: the more i know divine postman; the more i know that i do not know.

divine postman: the wise man knows he knows nothing socrates. we need to correct our ignorance daily through vulnerability.

socrates: we need to be prepared to destroy the old and shed away all our fears to acquire new knowledge. knowledge that will sustain us and keep us rooted like a tree.

divine postman: let us be upright in all that we do socrates being motivated by love from within; and not like the droning world being chained to appearances.

socrates: the subconscious mind divine postman can only understand proverbs, which are the sanctuary of the intuition.

divine postman: as we open up our heart to people, we begin to learn and connect with the entire human race.

socrates: we all have fears, we all have hopes, and we all have dreams. in essence the divine spirit of nature is what binds us all.

divine postman: nothing can separate us from love friend.

socrates: there is a prize for all men, all men will be honored and all men will be glorified.

divine postman: let us not look down upon our labor because it is unique to the rabble of intruders. every act rewards itself socrates, or, in other words, integrates itself, in a twofold manner.

first, in the thing, or in real nature; and secondly, in the circumstance, or in apparent nature.

socrates: thou shalt be paid divine postman exactly for what thou hast done- no more, no less. finally the tables friend are starting to turn, iAM talking about a revolution.

divine postman: all things are done according to our faith. what we suffered for is beginning to reward us.

socrates: i watch them everyday divine postman, destroying their health and their minds. they run to work every morning leaving behind their natural genius and choosing to adopt the thought given by institutions.

divine postman: they do not trust in themselves socrates, but find meaning in all the junk they accumulate. they love institutions because they reward them with cars and homes.

socrates: but they do not know love.

divine postman: they never search for truth within and do not understand that every answer we need dwells within.

socrates: he who waits the most will receive the most. in him divine postman is all strength and all faith.

divine postman: through patience and perseverance we can achieve all things.

socrates: success needs a humble hand.