herodotus: let life not be a burden divine postman but lived fully.

divine postman: parents have made it so difficult herodotus, that it has lost its juice. life is simple at its roots and commands that we rest in the divine frequency of nature.

herodotus: mothers and fathers failed to study the laws of nature and would not meditate on her beauty; instead, they chose to follow the herd and never cherished wisdom.

divine postman: whilst the world is whole and refuses to be disparted, we seek to act partially, to sunder, to appropriate.

herodotus: when we act partially nature withdraws her glory, and through his folly man burdens himself.

divine postman: he does not know, herodotus, that nature’s primary state is freedom. it is only us that can set ourselves free.

herodotus: we can only grow and start to understand through an awareness. and as we become aware, we value the meaning in experience.

divine postman: we learn herodotus that independence begins with the food that we eat. and to have power over food is to have power over yourself.

herodotus: let man not be a slave to food divine postman; but let us be gods who eat for the nourishment of the spirit and the mind.

divine postman: as we master ourselves, we master all things. the complacent will never grow.

herodotus: the fruit of comfort is death; the fruit of suffering is life.

divine postman: we suffer for our glory herodotus but we do not know when it will come.

herodotus: all things move by faith divine postman. the explorers, are the best storytellers.

divine postman: the spirit tells the story through the body. all that the spirit absorbs will be manifested through the body.

herodotus: and so it is divine postman that the spirit is the master and the body the servant.

divine postman: concluding that the best source of learning is through experience.