shakespeare: the law of abundance divine postman, obeys purely as all the other laws of nature obey.

divine postman: we can only receive the fullness of glory when we become water. all laws shakespeare obey the constitution of the human body.

shakespeare: nature can only understand the language of the body.

divine postman: and what we put inside our body is what nature will give us back.

shakespeare: and so it is divine postman, that healthy habits lead to a healthy life.

divine postman: everything begins from within friend. the human body points us toward nature’s pristine creation- the glory of the soul.

shakespeare: heaven and earth live within divine postman. they can be found when we forsake all things.

divine postman: the human body is a means through which the wisdom in the human soul is found.

shakespeare: when the spirit is one with the body, the riches in the soul are found.

divine postman: there is no choice for the youth but to build his own kingdom.

shakespeare: he must abandon his home burn the old and find himself within.

divine postman: as he leaves his past, he will create the future and live for the good of all men.

shakespeare: let him never think of his home, greater glory awaits him.

divine postman: love will lead his hand.

shakespeare: the youth must learn to command and be one with the sun. he is the prince of the age.

divine postman: to him all stars bow down.

shakespeare: patience is his divine state.