montaigne: there is good in all things friend.

divine postman: you are right montaigne because in life’s darkest hours, we see the brightest light.

montaigne: as one door closes divine postman, many more will open.

divine postman: all the suffering we endure prepares us for the joy to come.

montaigne: he who places himself at the intersection of knowledge and experience will find love.

divine postman: it is a successful combination of mind and body, that enables one to express themselves purely.

montaigne: and through expression we reach the spirit.

divine postman: where the hand montaigne is one with the spirit, there art is found.

montaigne: man is only half himself divine postman, the other half is his expression.

divine postman: and the deeper the roots, the truer the expression.

montaigne: depth over distance everytime friend. this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods.

divine postman: but it is the roots that will bind us to the ground.

montaigne: schooling kills expression and subsequently destroys the imagination. only love can save us. it is what sustains a man from the rising to the setting of the sun.

divine postman: love is greatest. institutions and corporations will never substitute her glory. man is love made flesh.

montaigne: all things become vanity in the sight of love.

divine postman: she will uproot and tear down montaigne. she will break all chains but will never be broken. none is more bolder, more wiser, and more purer.

montaigne: she walks in beauty like the night friend with grace in her every step.

divine postman: she does not walk on what is hard but dwells on what is soft. calling all men, as she sits on the hill.

montaigne: she is as gentle as the wings of a butterfly, always carrying hope. preparing man for his prize.

divine postman: hope needs a humble hand.

montaigne: humility comes before honor divine postman. we need to understand these laws of success.

divine postman: through understanding we get a grip of why things are the way that they are.

montaigne: things refuse to be mismanaged long divine postman. justice is not postponed. a perfect equity adjusts itself in all parts of life.

divine postman: compelling us to abide in the simple and noble regions of our life. and obeying the almighty effort of love.