thoreau: how different would this world be divine postman, if all men decided to share?

divine postman: our consumption habits would be drastically reduced and man would cease to be selfish.

thoreau: we can only cease to consume when we behold the splendor of the soul.

divine postman: love begins with knowing who you are.

thoreau: as we love ourselves, we love nature and the whole of man. nothing can ever bring a man greater joy than the worship of his soul.

divine postman: whoever can never find peace with who he is, will never find peace with anything.

thoreau: he will be a restless soul.

divine postman: whoever cannot take instructions will never be able to give them.

thoreau: the failure of parents will be passed down to their children. the child will be under the same yoke of both the father and mother.

divine postman: he will idolize what they idolize unless he dedicates himself unceasingly to virtue.

thoreau: and so it is divine postman that, the simple will be raised. they will find greater joy and always aligned themselves with nature’s divinity.

divine postman: in all we do henry, we need to connect nature, with knowledge, and movement.

thoreau: it is the holy trinity that creates harmony between the mind and body, and produces enduring faith.

divine postman: the mind and body is an unit that cannot be separated.

thoreau: let us be universal in our genius divine postman embracing history, embracing sport, embracing philosophy, embracing science and living poetry.

divine postman: we need to reach the depths of our being, remaining patient in the arms of time, forever giving ourselves to the study of universal principles.

thoreau: let us create outlets where we will meet for games of strength or skill, for the recitation of histories, tragedies, and odes, like the ancient greeks.

divine postman: let us give birth to the renaissance henry.