emerson: how blessed is the self-helping mortal divine postman.

divine postman: him all tongues greet emerson, him all eyes follow with desire.

emerson: and for him friend all doors are flung wide open.

divine postman: he is fixed in the truth of the subconscious mind. the self-helping mortal emerson is the only true scholar.

emerson: he is the delegated intellect divine postman. in the right state he is man thinking. in the degenerate state, when the victim of society, he tends to become a mere thinker, or, still worse, the parrot of other men’s thinking.

divine postman: let us inquire emerson, what new lights, new events, and more days have thrown in his character, his duties and his hopes.

emerson: his duty is to live divine postman and remain one with nature. the whole earth exists for his mastery.

divine postman: through the mastery of myself i begin to understand de rerum natura. and that heaven and earth is within.

emerson: the self-helping mortal must not be ridden by the routine of his craft divine postman. and know that learning takes many forms.

divine postman: it is his duty to immerse himself in nature’s divine laws. how freeing it is to be solitary emerson.

emerson: time takes on a different meaning and your focus becomes your art. and thus we begin to share our life with the rest of man.

divine postman: learning that our true family is the whole of humanity. when we always remain rooted within we find new lands, new seas, and wonderful stars.

emerson: we need to share our journey divine postman communicating our hopes and dreams. and subsequently overcoming our fears.

divine postman: the best communicator is the best listener.

emerson: nature’s scholar is a child of the earth. and is constantly observing his surroundings to document his philosophy.

divine postman: when we are in matrimony with heaven and earth we can never be victims of society. but are always independant in our thoughts.

emerson: the subconscious mind is subtle in its learning. to be in control of your thinking, is to be in control of your subconscious mind.

divine postman: when one is not in control of their subconscious it will be shaped by their environment.

emerson: when a child grows up watching their parents going to work every morning, the possibility is that they will also emulate the routine that they observe in their parents.

divine postman: that is why, emerson, i never had a taste for schooling and routine. i was always away at bording school and moving from one school to the other.

emerson: therefore from an early age divine postman you were shaped through your journeys.

divine postman: growing up my parents were never around emerson. i found order through chaos. i came to understand that things are constantly changing and that many hands raise a child.

emerson: we are beings in motion divine postman and the soul is moving through space constantly creating.

divine postman: and thus we are moulded by our experiences. the best knowledge is that which comes from within, and as we suffer we reach its never ending depths.

emerson: every tree grows from its roots and not from its leaves.

divine postman: there is a time and a season for everything friend and we have to obey the season nature has bestowed upon us.

emerson: and believe in the promise she reveals.