shakespeare: to live is to suffer divine postman, to be alive is to find meaning in the suffering.

divine postman: every man shakespeare is to seek understanding through his journey.

shakespeare: life is too short friend to be wasted through complacency. we need to confront the truth and accept the sour and sweet it will yield.

divine postman: oh! how dangerous is a life without discipline shakespeare.

shakespeare: it is most certain divine postman that whoever is indifferent to discipline will destroy their soul.

divine postmsn: we can never receive life’s most treasured joys without wisdom.

shakespeare: oh! but none would rebel friend and pay the great price for freedom.

divine postman: they are prisoners inside these walls that their parents build.

and so they put on a mask and deceive themselves as being manly. when they are cowards and invalids who would not suffer for a revolution.

shakespeare: now they steal the pleasures the earth has brought forth and refuse to be guides, redeemers and benefactors.

divine postman: they settled for their parents’ wealth and now dwell among the dry bones of the past. they never perceive the splendor and the glory that is here today.

shakespeare: they do not see that they are blind, wretched, pitiful, and poor. the gold refined in the fire is given only to the persevering mortal.

divine postman: this age we are living in shakespeare is so transcendent filled with immortal riches and nature is constantly conspiring to give man the new.

divine postman: whoever does not abandon his home will never be man.

shakespeare: he must burn his home and never look back. the future is his to hold.

divine postman: the great imagination will move mountains.

shakespeare: it must remain patient and kept pure at all costs. since it is the vessel beholding divine riches.