plato: the train of time, waits for no man divine postman, she stretches out her hand like a newly wed maiden saying: come to me burdensome men and i will give you shelter.

divine postman: oh! what a burden man has placed on himself plato; he is clapped into jail by his conscious. and dies in the confines of fear.

plato: if you are wise friend, you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more.

divine postman: freedom is the choicest of all joys plato. richest of all men is he who is free.

plato: but fear holds dominion over all men divine postman. whoever is not free within will never be free without.

divine postman: the mass of man are lazy, they never do things out of love. all they do is sit on their backsides watching screens, never searching for meaning.

plato: they do not treasure memories divine postman; they are limited in their perspective on life because they aimed low and chose to be conservative.

divine postman: they play not to lose friend and as a result take fewer risks. with fewer risks there is a small reward. and in the end they end up losing because they will attract their fears.

plato: a small mind will never achieve great things; a great mind will learn to endure and adapt as it moves along. the wise will venture, and the wise will find.

divine postman: let us stay true to our convictions plato, and pay our debt to time.

plato: what matters most in all that i do divine postman, is that i grow. success is doing what you believe is great work.

divine postman: the work that i do plato is a gift unto all men. and by always striving to be at my best, i bring out the best in those that are around me.

plato: what people remember divine postman is your presence. they will not remember you for all the things you had, but for the spirit you embodied.

divine postman: let us impart love at all times and speak with a tongue as sweet as the taste of honey.

plato: we can only love others when we begin to love ourselves. what poverty will teach a man is that we are always rich within.



shelley: fathers would not know how to raise children divine postman.

divine postman: their lives have been such miserable failures shelley. nothing can be orderly if you are not orderly within.

shelley: and so without understanding themselves they failed to understand their children.

divine postman: all that parents do shelley, is project their insecurities on their children.

shelley: and subsequently forcing children to adopt their thinking. no way of thinking or doing, however ancient, can be trusted without proof divine postman.

divine postman: a child is not the property of parents shelly; she is the offspring of nature.

shelly: we can never live the regrets of parents; we can only align our footsteps with the sun and let the moon light our way.

divine postman: old deeds for old people; new deeds for new people. they did not know of the wonders of the internet.

shelly: we combine this revolutionary technology divine postman with the wisdom of antiquity.

divine postman: confident that nature will never forsake us. love will reward our labor.

shelly: age is no better, hardly so well, qualified for an instructor as youth.

divine postman: for it has not profited so much as it has lost. the young will teach shelly. and show the old all that is new.

shelly: we need to connect our humility with our greatness, always bearing in mind that to understand our destiny we need to remember our history.

divine postman: without obeying time shelly, we can never uncover the treasure that awaits us.

shelly: it is not good to be comfortable divine postman; we need to always challenge ourselves constantly moving.

divine postman: you can have all the talent in the whole wide earth friend, but if you put it to no use it is as good as nothing.

shelly: each man has a mind with unlimited potential, each man has a body with unlimited potential. but the power within can never be unleashed without digging

divine postman: the problem we have on this earth shelly is that of ignorance. with all the good nature has bestowed upon man, he simply refuses to learn.

shelly: they “learn” only when they are promised of having a great job. and so in the 21st century, whereby knowledge is as abundant as the waters in the sea, the mass of man remain ignorant.

divine postman: they fail to acknowledge that all they need is a user-friendly cellphone and a connection to the internet.

shelly: with those tools divine postman, accompanied with a bicycle and a whole foods plant based diet, he can understand all things.

divine postman: there is absolutely no reason for man to not teach himself in this divine age.

shelly: people refuse to learn divine postman, because they fear knowing themselves.

divine postman: the human mind with the human body can move things you never thought could be moved.

shelly: given it is aligned with nature, obeying her divine laws, it will open doors you never thought could ever be opened.

divine postman: those who do not search will never find.

shelly: great things are hard to attain because once attained they need to be preserved with care.


plutarch: everything is made known before it happens divine postman. what nature ordains she will fulfill.

divine postman: art, sport, and philosophy is our only hope as humanity. it is the divine trinity transcending beyond all borders.

plutarch: it is what will unite all of man; from africa to asia and from asia to europe.

divine postman: we need to hunt and master the immortal fire, that prometheus gave unto us mortals. to create beauty for generations to come.

plutarch: we can only learn through suffering divine postman.

divine postman: let us learn to accept all that we have lost. and let the past rest in the sea.

plutarch: we need to focus on creating the future and re-building ourselves from the roots.

divine postman: life goes on plutarch, when you lose something you gain something else.

plutarch: when one door closes divine postman; many more will open. all that lives is the emotion in our heart, which becomes the thought in our minds.

divine postman: we believed in our dreams plutatch, and so we decided to write. these words of my own from my heart flow.

plutarch: rock bottom is the solid foundation on which i rebuilt my life divine postman.

divine postman: let us retreat to the countryside plutarch to reminisce and put pen to the page; writing of our journeys, hugged by the mountains.

plutarch: i believe all men can change their life for the better divine postman, all it takes is a decision.

divine postman: the beginning of greatness is knowing who you are.


socrates: the more i know divine postman; the more i know that i do not know.

divine postman: the wise man knows he knows nothing socrates. we need to correct our ignorance daily through vulnerability.

socrates: we need to be prepared to destroy the old and shed away all our fears to acquire new knowledge. knowledge that will sustain us and keep us rooted like a tree.

divine postman: let us be upright in all that we do socrates being motivated by love from within; and not like the droning world being chained to appearances.

socrates: the subconscious mind divine postman can only understand proverbs, which are the sanctuary of the intuition.

divine postman: as we open up our heart to people, we begin to learn and connect with the entire human race.

socrates: we all have fears, we all have hopes, and we all have dreams. in essence the divine spirit of nature is what binds us all.

divine postman: nothing can separate us from love friend.

socrates: there is a prize for all men, all men will be honored and all men will be glorified.

divine postman: let us not look down upon our labor because it is unique to the rabble of intruders. every act rewards itself socrates, or, in other words, integrates itself, in a twofold manner.

first, in the thing, or in real nature; and secondly, in the circumstance, or in apparent nature.

socrates: thou shalt be paid divine postman exactly for what thou hast done- no more, no less. finally the tables friend are starting to turn, iAM talking about a revolution.

divine postman: all things are done according to our faith. what we suffered for is beginning to reward us.

socrates: i watch them everyday divine postman, destroying their health and their minds. they run to work every morning leaving behind their natural genius and choosing to adopt the thought given by institutions.

divine postman: they do not trust in themselves socrates, but find meaning in all the junk they accumulate. they love institutions because they reward them with cars and homes.

socrates: but they do not know love.

divine postman: they never search for truth within and do not understand that every answer we need dwells within.

socrates: he who waits the most will receive the most. in him divine postman is all strength and all faith.

divine postman: through patience and perseverance we can achieve all things.

socrates: success needs a humble hand.




herodotus: let life not be a burden divine postman but lived fully.

divine postman: parents have made it so difficult herodotus, that it has lost its juice. life is simple at its roots and commands that we rest in the divine frequency of nature.

herodotus: mothers and fathers failed to study the laws of nature and would not meditate on her beauty; instead, they chose to follow the herd and never cherished wisdom.

divine postman: whilst the world is whole and refuses to be disparted, we seek to act partially, to sunder, to appropriate.

herodotus: when we act partially nature withdraws her glory, and through his folly man burdens himself.

divine postman: he does not know, herodotus, that nature’s primary state is freedom. it is only us that can set ourselves free.

herodotus: we can only grow and start to understand through an awareness. and as we become aware, we value the meaning in experience.

divine postman: we learn herodotus that independence begins with the food that we eat. and to have power over food is to have power over yourself.

herodotus: let man not be a slave to food divine postman; but let us be gods who eat for the nourishment of the spirit and the mind.

divine postman: as we master ourselves, we master all things. the complacent will never grow.

herodotus: the fruit of comfort is death; the fruit of suffering is life.

divine postman: we suffer for our glory herodotus but we do not know when it will come.

herodotus: all things move by faith divine postman. the explorers, are the best storytellers.

divine postman: the spirit tells the story through the body. all that the spirit absorbs will be manifested through the body.

herodotus: and so it is divine postman that the spirit is the master and the body the servant.

divine postman: concluding that the best source of learning is through experience.



shakespeare: the law of abundance divine postman, obeys purely as all the other laws of nature obey.

divine postman: we can only receive the fullness of glory when we become water. all laws shakespeare obey the constitution of the human body.

shakespeare: nature can only understand the language of the body.

divine postman: and what we put inside our body is what nature will give us back.

shakespeare: and so it is divine postman, that healthy habits lead to a healthy life.

divine postman: everything begins from within friend. the human body points us toward nature’s pristine creation- the glory of the soul.

shakespeare: heaven and earth live within divine postman. they can be found when we forsake all things.

divine postman: the human body is a means through which the wisdom in the human soul is found.

shakespeare: when the spirit is one with the body, the riches in the soul are found.

divine postman: there is no choice for the youth but to build his own kingdom.

shakespeare: he must abandon his home burn the old and find himself within.

divine postman: as he leaves his past, he will create the future and live for the good of all men.

shakespeare: let him never think of his home, greater glory awaits him.

divine postman: love will lead his hand.

shakespeare: the youth must learn to command and be one with the sun. he is the prince of the age.

divine postman: to him all stars bow down.

shakespeare: patience is his divine state.

montaigne: there is good in all things friend.

divine postman: you are right montaigne because in life’s darkest hours, we see the brightest light.

montaigne: as one door closes divine postman, many more will open.

divine postman: all the suffering we endure prepares us for the joy to come.

montaigne: he who places himself at the intersection of knowledge and experience will find love.

divine postman: it is a successful combination of mind and body, that enables one to express themselves purely.

montaigne: and through expression we reach the spirit.

divine postman: where the hand montaigne is one with the spirit, there art is found.

montaigne: man is only half himself divine postman, the other half is his expression.

divine postman: and the deeper the roots, the truer the expression.

montaigne: depth over distance everytime friend. this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods.

divine postman: but it is the roots that will bind us to the ground.

montaigne: schooling kills expression and subsequently destroys the imagination. only love can save us. it is what sustains a man from the rising to the setting of the sun.

divine postman: love is greatest. institutions and corporations will never substitute her glory. man is love made flesh.

montaigne: all things become vanity in the sight of love.

divine postman: she will uproot and tear down montaigne. she will break all chains but will never be broken. none is more bolder, more wiser, and more purer.

montaigne: she walks in beauty like the night friend with grace in her every step.

divine postman: she does not walk on what is hard but dwells on what is soft. calling all men, as she sits on the hill.

montaigne: she is as gentle as the wings of a butterfly, always carrying hope. preparing man for his prize.

divine postman: hope needs a humble hand.

montaigne: humility comes before honor divine postman. we need to understand these laws of success.

divine postman: through understanding we get a grip of why things are the way that they are.

montaigne: things refuse to be mismanaged long divine postman. justice is not postponed. a perfect equity adjusts itself in all parts of life.

divine postman: compelling us to abide in the simple and noble regions of our life. and obeying the almighty effort of love.