ovid: myself and the dough are related divine postman. it is like my only son, wherever i go he comes.

divine postman: indeed ovid, it is true what you say, because your guide and fortune’s guide are one. your dreams follow you wherever you go.

ovid: one need not be in a frenzy friend but must be at rest. since that which you are seeking is stalking you also.

divine postman: every heart vibrates to that iron string ovid. therefore let us rest knowing that all things conspire to test our faith.

ovid: we have to be sane in all this madness divine postman. accepting the place the divine providence has found for you friend.

where you are is where nature ordains for you to be. the light will overcome all darkness.

divine postman: great is our glory ovid when we remain patient.

ovid: it is only through perseverance divine postman that we receive our prize.

divine postman: every morning the loyal employee runs away from his problems in his home and chooses to remain ignorant of his failed marriage.

ovid: and so the sons and daughters will rebel because parents are too busy working to spend time with them.

divine postman: it is only when we remain focused that we find truth.

ovid: nature will select only the most faithful.

divine postman: oh! what great riches are to be found within ovid. great seas, bright stars and lush trees. extending beyond the ends of the earth.

ovid: nature rejoices in all that is simple.

divine postman: let us not be married to our spouses, our jobs, and our children.

ovid: let each man worship his soul.