seneca: the ability to communicate divine postman is a critical skill.

divine postman: communication fulfills many purposes seneca and whoever cannot communicate effectively will fail to have a happy life.

seneca: through communication divine postman we learn an incredible amount about who we are, the world that we live in and the people we come across.

divine postman: it is something that we need to work on everyday friend.

seneca: such a simple and powerful tool divine postman; yet see how many a mortal fail to embrace it fully.

divine postman: they overlook it because they think they do not need it. they clutter nature’s pure gifts with all that they own.

seneca: the majority of mortals take life’s greatest gifts for granted. they would rather watch television than engage in empowering discourse.

divine postman: life cannot be substituted for matter. we are losing the most precious aspects of who we are.

seneca: what a joy it is to lay under the maturing sun in mount frere.

divine postman: and to watch it set in the mountain under the may sky.

seneca: man does not even begin to marvel at this beauty, he is too busy indoors and clutters his mind with cooking, cell-phones and the internet.

divine postman: society acquires new arts friend and loses old instincts. it has forsaken the wisdom in the blade of grass and man cannot tell the time by observing the position of the sun.

seneca: let us not sacrifice first hand pleasures for stale entertainment and dull consumption.

divine postman: all men plume themselves on improvement but none will ever improve.

seneca: the wave moves onwards but the particles of which it is composed remains the same.

divine postman: without discipline nothing will ever work seneca. we cannot appreciate the glory in the times without remaining steadfast in nature.

seneca: what was intended to be good and benefit all of man can so easily be distorted.

divine postman: there is such a fine line friend between greatness and folly.

seneca: ignorance is what kills everyone. the mind can never see when the body remains in one frequency.

divine postman: the greater the energy, the greater the light, it is the body that needs to be set free.

seneca: all history is in the human body, and so it yearns to return to its divine state.

divine postman: the sooner we shed the old the sooner we receive the new.

seneca: we must allow life to take us where it wills.

divine postman: time is the true counsellor. and the doers must trust in her as the supreme guide.

seneca: the doers are the dreamers and the great thinkers. they get things done and never let go of their history.

divine postman: a rush of blood will move us forward. and teach us a new way.

seneca: you only live once divine postman and every youth must teach the world something different and not conform to the old way of doing things.

divine postman: the power that is in me seneca is new in nature and i need to express the truth of my thought.

seneca: and yet obeying the divine laws of nature.

divine postman: everything will build and connect at the end.