hesiod: i have not really found a place divine postman that i can call home. i never stay quite long enough to make it home.

divine postman: i apologise once again I am not in love; my life does not accommodate family.

i believe in a bigger vision that the earth is my home. and my family is the whole of the human race.

hesiod: truly divine postman, the poet does not standstill. his duty is to write and live for the whole of man.

divine postman: he must show man a better way and liberate them with his voice.

it is not a crime to live for one’s dream. in my eyes a family, a home, a job is a selfish endeavour. what does not create community is a selfish endeavour.

hesiod: a household caters only for the interests of its members and ignores the poverty of the street child.

divine postman: a family is a cult hesiod. benefiting at the cost of another person. it does not believe in the universal good of man and stops with feeding their bellies.

hesiod: and so as it focuses on itself it will only reap self-indulgence.

divine postman: they aim low hesiod.

hesiod: and they will reap low friend.

divine postman: they do not dream big. they are rigid in their behaviour and fear what is different and in the end they lead a consrvative life.

hesiod: people never ask nature for what belongs to them. they never question what their parents tell them.

divine postman: it is only through exploring and conversing with many men and women that we begin to learn.

hesiod: it is only when we observe that we change.

divine postman: and observation begins with an awareness.

hesiod: let our world not be our family. it is not a sustainable means of living.

divine postman: the wide-eyed earth is enough to compensate for every loss.

hesiod: all men seek glory divine postman, yet few will to suffer.

divine postman: they settle hesiod and become trapped in their dogmas.

hesiod: it is a foolish life that they live. they create an illusion of comfort that they chase their whole lives.

divine postman: only to find that it is false.