plato: whoever does not take care of his body will never be able to take care of anything.

divine postman: they will always live in ignorance plato never believing in their natural genius.

plato: many will be fooled in this age divine postman, chasing false riches.

divine postman: one will see and one will remain blind plato.

plato: the power to choose is the greatest freedom we have.

divine postman: everyone chooses to live in denial chasing the idols in the city.

plato: nature holds greater riches than can ever be mined in cities friend.

divine postman: the city destroys whoever is ignorant. it kills the soul and clutters the mind.

plato: it is only nature that can save us divine postman, her infinite laws repel all darkness.

divine postman: the city is ruthless plato and demands that one loves wisdom.

plato: and so philosophy divine postman will sustain a man through every season of his life.

divine postman: it makes sense why apollodorus consorted with socrates and made it his daily care to know whatever he says or does.

plato: indeed divine postman, he knew that socrates had undergone the purification of the soul.

divine postman: in all we do plato, let us not sell ourselves to the things that we do. there is always abundance within.

plato: it is important divine postman that we experience different cultures observing their unique lifestyle.

divine postman: there is something to learn in every experience. the richest of all men is he who is wetted by experience.

plato: and not only he who is wetted by experience but also he who learns from experience.

divine postman: indeed plato because it is through observation that we begin to learn. and thus our understanding becomes our charisma.

plato: should we not trust ourselves we will not trust anything. the city dweller begs for knowledge from institutions and does not believe in the truth that stems from within.

divine postman: it is habits that define us plato and not what schools teach. the school boy creeps like a snail to class but leaps like a deer when he is in the playground.

plato: the mind is vagabond divine postman and the system of education fosters restlessness.

divine postman: people go to school to learn how to work for money and not have money work for them.

plato: they learn to be servants and not kings. and so life becomes a burden of early mornings and late nights.

divine postman: they become cogs in the wheel of money.

plato: the world is a business divine postman and man is the tool.