michelangelo: our dreams come true divine postman.

divine postman: it is only through our thoughts that we become rich michelangelo because we attract that which we think about.

michelangelo: our dream needs to be our obsession divine postman. something that we think about even in our sleep.

as we meditate upon our dream day and night, it will manifest in the material realm.

divine postman: it is first conceived in the spiritual world and thus made possible through the omnipotence of the human will.

and fortune will follow the one who masters her law. suggesting that there is a dualism of spirit and matter.

michelangelo: and to master fortune we need to remain obedient to her precepts.

divine postman: whoever does not give will never receive. the mass of man are poor because they collect liabilities that cost them maintainenance.

michelangelo: they buy expenses divine postman! and expect to be rich. why do they go to the city, i will never understand.

i travel a great deal in south africa friend, and see young men whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle, and an inheritance, for these are more easily acquired than got rid of.

divine postman: they become prisoners to their homes and have to work their whole lives serving matter. and so they create illusions in their minds to ease the burden on their soul but reality maintains her truth.

michelangelo: mere bellies are these mortals divine postman! they sacrifice their souls for material riches. what is in their head is what they will hold in their hands.

the cost of security is experience. the more certainty there is in your life the less of life you will know.

all that people know is going to work, coming back home, cooking food, watching television and making lunch for their children in the morning.

divine postman: do you realise michelangelo that the routine of schooling is the routine of working.

michelangelo: the home becomes the centre through which everything revolves. forsake a home and you will receive life.

we are weakened by the food that we eat in these homes friend.

divine postman: and what weakens the body is what weakens the mind. nothing is sustainable in the city friend man has strayed far from nature.

michelangelo: the world needs genius divine postman that combines all learning.

divine postman: the true genius friend is nature’s scholar who keenly observes the different lifestyles that man lead.

michelangelo: and thus drawing his conclusion on which life is best.

divine postman: he must learn that there is only one option in life and that is success.

michelangelo: but what can one deem to be success divine postman? is it based on external achievements?

divine postman: no friend, it is learning to be content. and knowing that thy lot will follow thee.

michelangelo: the tables will turn divine postman and the young will lead the revolution.

divine postman: fortune rejoices in unity and simplicity friend. she favours the brave.

michelangelo: beauty, truth, and rarity, grace in all simplicity. fame is won through our deeds.

divine postman: each man is in control of his own fate. what is most simple is most powerful.

michelangelo: all that is patient friend is all that is truth. simplicity commands faith.

divine postman: the simple are glorified. i am always chasing experience michelangelo and seeking understanding.