vergil: the young divine postman will always see things different.

divine postman: however, vergil the fears and anxieties of the previous generation will always contaminate the purity of the youth.

vergil: it is true what you say divine postman, the ideologies, idiosyncrasies and habits of parents are bound to affect the thought of the youth.

divine postman: they place confines on the young man’s genius, as he attempts to do the unthinkable.

vergil: they stigmatize failure and always tell him what he cannot do.

divine postman: parents never conceive possibility vergil.

vergil: is it possible then to be a recluse divine postman, isolating yourself completely and refusing to be poisoned by their illusions?

divine postman: it is an interesting question vergil. however, what matters first is that we fight for our dream and remain rooted in nature’s bosom.

we cannot allow another’s limitations to affect our thinking. we must embrace the labor of other’s but remain unmoved in our purpose.

vergil: as we obey nature’s divine law, we grow in strength and faith and can testify to all that is dark.

divine postman: we must be guides, redeemers, and benefactors; not cowards fleeing before a revolution.

vergil: oh! what will it take friend to subdue man’s strong will? old age and sickness?

divine postman: many will learn when it is too late vergil. to lose a home is to gain a life.

vergil: man is bound by all that he owns friend. there are no chains around his feet but he is not yet free.