seneca: let us stun and astonish the rabble intruders divine postman, with our complete solitude.

divine postman: as we meditate on our past friend we begin to heal.

seneca: it is imperative that we make peace with our past and cast off all burdens that have been weighing us down.

divine postman: we cannot see the riches before our eyes when we are blinded by envy, greed, and anger.

seneca: we must learn divine postman that what is truly valuable is looking into another person’s eyes and asking: “how are you?”

divine postman: everyone needs one another on this earth seneca.

seneca: south africa is a beautiful country divine postman, what went wrong after the euphoria of 1994?

divine postman: people looked away from humanity and focused on their bellies.

seneca: and so, as man rejected his fellow man he rejected himself.

divine postman: every struggle seneca is intended to unite all of man.

seneca: how quickly we forget the sacrifices of the past friend.

divine postman: we become consumed with ourselves and thus look away from the lessons of the past.

seneca: all we care about is our families and homes. we end up forgetting about the wider perspective of universal man.

divine postman: we can never be happy in our homes, we need to explore the wide-eyed earth. heaven forbid that our world be a home.

seneca: how can we stoop so low to worship television friend? do we not know that the richest of all men is the wise traveller?

divine postman: he must sing his song from the rising to the setting of the sun.

seneca: his purpose is to tell the story.

divine postman: it is only he seneca who can tell the best stories.

seneca: in his travels he must learn to remain patient with nature’s purpose.

divine postman: and always maintain his independence.