herodotus: we do not even treasure sleep in this age divine postman.

divine postman: how is the body to be renewed herodotus when we fail to get sufficient rest? it seems that man thinks he knows better than nature.

herodotus: does he not see, divine postman, how the cat and the dog take care of their bodies?

divine postman: when we do not love ourselves we can never love what we do. our crown is in proportion to the wisdom of the body.

herodotus: a woman will pursue beauty with her whole heart friend.

divine postman: she knows the language of beauty. it is writ in her breast.

herodotus: but we can only begin to unlock the treasures of beauty at age forty.

divine postman: wisdom takes years to manifest herodotus.

herodotus: given we are faithful to her precepts, we can find the treasures of wisdom in our youth.

divine postman: but she calls for the complete denial of anything material and the acceptance of all that is in the spirit.

herodotus: and a pure diet comprising of fresh fruits and vegetables will enable us to reach the depths of beauty.

divine postman: it is not good to eat anything that comes from an animal herodotus.

herodotus: our first and foremost responsibility friend is to take care of our bodies, and eating a diet of living foods is the first step to this process.

divine postman: and whatever threatens our well-being must be rejected. we can only feel alive when we eat and drink life.

herodotus: we must be cautious of what we eat divine postman because what we eat in our youth is what we will reap in our old age.