dylan: the greatest mistake man ever made was settling down and deciding to have a family. subsequently, divine postman, that mentality was passed down to their children.

divine postman: the fear of parents will hurt their children dylan. for non-conformity they will whip the child with their displeasure.

dylan: they start thinking that a family is the best that man can do, when there is so much to live for.

divine postman: comfort and security are products of fear. they want to force us to be like them. and impose unrealistic expectations upon us.

dylan: they love power so much that it is sickening. a family creates a possessive mentality. you never enjoy things you just keep piling them up.

divine postman: i will never pursue what they did. life is too precious to be wasted on accumulating things that you will leave behind when you die.

dylan: no matter how much nonsense you buy, your heart will never have enough.

divine postman: all things in nature obey man. the sun, the moon, the stars and all the sea serve to sustain his frame.

dylan: yet we do not see this great love that can fill our hearts friend.

divine postman: parents will never understand the language of love. they advocate for us to be servants of man instead of being princes of nature.

dylan: well, we see different divine postman and they need to know that.

divine postman: we will not grow old and die in cities that we were born. the foregoing generations beheld love and nature face to face.

we will lay in the battlefields of libya. our blood will be smeared with the horse’s chariots in the sahara desert.

dylan: and our sacrifices will be redeemed in the nile. as we are washed again anew, gazing at the mighty stars.

divine postman: orion was here before parents were born. let them not think that they are wiser than nature. we shall not dwell among the dry bones of the past.

dylan: having a family will never save you. each man must stand on his own divine postman. it is only then that he will prevail and be strong.

divine postman: let a man then know his worth and keep things under his feet. let him not peep or steal or skulk up and down with the air of a charity boy, a bastard, or an interloper, in the world which exists for him.

dylan: the mother or father can never be better than the child irregardless of how much they oppress him. he is the ripened universal miracle of nature on which their being is cast.

divine postman: all they did was conceive us and give us birth. they did not stitch us in the womb.

dylan: it is only nature that can write poetry in the mother’s womb, as she is strengthened through suffering for the joy that is being moulded within her.

divine postman: mama raised me dylan. my grandmother duna washed me and clothed me as a baby.

dylan: my father fought me, i thank him for that divine postman it only made me wiser. it taught me love is greater than that dollar.

divine postman: mama left me at age 21, she had to go plead her case with the angels. told me that her legacy was not the inheritance she left but my bright smile.

dylan: i quit school never believed the nonsense my father was telling me. yeah homie that bike did save me.

divine postman: i substituted the hallways of university for nature’s tall trees and green fields.

dylan: i found myself divine postman in the wide sea. now iAM a man following nature’s footsteps.

divine postman: i quit eating that meat dylan took better care of my body. now i walk this long road to fame with nature’s music resonating in my soul.

dylan: the human body and mind is enough for me, i came naked from my mother’s womb. i do not need all these possessions.

divine postman: the gift of life is enough homie. naked we came from our mother’s womb and naked will we depart.

dylan: everything you touch divine postman will return to the ground.