samantha: what we love is freedom divine postman.

divine postman: it is the most choicest of all joys sam.

samantha: however, freedom and discipline are two sides of the same coin.

divine postman: and they both yield the end result of wisdom.

samantha: but fools despise wisdom and discipline divine postman.

divine postman: it is a dangerous game that they play because one can never be free on the outside without casting all the chains within.

samantha: there are no shortcuts to success divine postman, everyone must take the long road.

divine postman: nature will not be fooled sam, her laws are timeless stretching deeper than the roots of the sea. all that a man is, will be reflected in the work of his hands.

samantha: it is imperative that we find what we love because through our work we begin to know ourselves. and we can only grow through love.

divine postman: but people would rather settle for the dollar, doing work that they hate. but never doing anything to make a change.

samantha: your work is going to fill a large part of your life divine postman. and it is through the effective use of our hands and feet that we can find true meaning.

divine postman: what i do everyday is what iAM married to sam.

samantha: we deceive ourselves and think that marriage is with one’s spouse. when that which you are really in matrimony with is your work.

divine postman: which poses the question: is it possible to raise a family and at the same time be committed to your work?

samantha: no, it is not divine postman, because you cannot have two masters. the doctor or the lawyer expects to work and at the same time raise a family.

divine postman: it is true what you say sam because on average the doctor works for 16 hours.

samantha: now, tell me divine postman, how is he or she to watch their child grow and be present in raising a wise son or daughter?

divine postman: he will work for the dollar sam and put his faith in institutions to raise his child because he was too busy to teach him.

samantha: then why have kids when you will not be able to bring them up because there is only so much that you can achieve with the time that you are given?

divine postman: it is a good question and one that ultimately leads us to conclude that what truly matters in life is the time that we have been given.

samantha: which necessitates that whatever one chooses to do they need to choose wisely. for everything that is given something is taken away.

divine postman: where you spend most of your time sam is where your heart is. it is not with your kids, whom you have handed over to institutions, but your work.

samantha: there is a cost to everything divine postman. water takes the shape of all that it surrounds. the mechanic will become a machine, the lawyer a statute book, the doctor a drug.

divine postman: it is best to live a solitary life and be responsible for your body, mind, and soul.

all that we do comes from this holy trinity sam, which necessitates that we take better care of ourselves.

and one might easily perceive a solitary life as a selfish life but through your purpose you serve the whole of man.

samantha: by being at your absolute best divine postman you raise the standard for the rest of man.

divine postman: it is true sam because by bringing out the best in yourself you bring out the best in man.

samantha: but oh! how the road is filled with resistance friend. there will be those who think they know your duty better than you know it. brother, sister, cousin, and charity will all shout: “come out unto us forsake those petty words.”

divine postman: what i must do divine postman is all that concerns me, not what the people think.

this rule equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness.

samantha: it is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion. it is easy in solitude to live after our own.

the herd does not understand that within there are oceans of gold and hills of purple.

divine postman: let us be seduced by books in the library sam than clothes in the shopping mall.

samantha: in all our occupations divine postman man is not thinking.

divine postman: man thinking sam is man living. the professor is not yet man but sits with his thoughts and thus becomes a thinker.

the policeman who guns down miners at marikana or the soldier of the apartheid regime are both neither man nor thinking.

samantha: so many wars and injustices can be prevented divine postman if man decided to start thinking and questioning things.

divine postman: everything begins with a question sam. as Man Thinking the whole theory of one’s office is contained.

samantha: him nature solicits with all her placid, all her monitory pictures, him the past instructs, him the future invites.

divine postman: every man and every woman is a student, and all things exist for the student’s behoof.

samantha: the true scholar divine postman is the only true master. but as the old oracle said, “all things have two handles, beware of the wrong one.”

divine postman: everyone is searching for something in this life. however, it takes wisdom to know which road to follow.

samantha: wisdom is the shepherd to all men. the best story to tell is that of your own.

divine postman: all that is truth is all that lives.