graeme: when the gatherer gathers too much, nature in her eternal providence takes out of the man what she puts into her chest.

swells the estate, but kills the owner. and maintains her pure equilibrium divine postman.

divine postman: the waves of the sea do not more speedily seek a level from their loftiest tossing, than the varieties of condition tend to equalize themselves.

graeme: every excess produces a defect; and conversely every defect an excess. as we consume meat and processed foods at an alarming rate, so speedily will our bodies swell with weight.

divine postman: it is a reminder graeme that justice begins with how we treat the animals. violence in essence begins with the food that we eat.

when we fail to invest in our minds, it will be reflected in the health of our bodies.

graeme: the body is filled with imperishable light- astronomical in every sense- and pure bright. but yet we taint it with what we put in it.

divine postman: it is a self-sustaining organ, that does not need much help from us except to give it the best.

the more attention you give your body, the more it will give you back in return.

graeme: i find that in most people today they expect the mind to go beyond the capacity of the body.

divine postman: you cannot push your mind beyond the limits of your body. a healthy body is a healthy mind.

graeme: as the body endures friend so does the mind.

divine postman: and before anything friend, if we want to explore our intellectual capabilities we must first cast off these chains in our bodies.

graeme: and as we set ourselves free divine postman so we will set many others free.

divine postman: we need to have emotional stamina to endure with our minds. the race is not won by the swiftest rather it is taken by the wisest.

graeme: only the strong will continue divine postman.

divine postman: in all we do, we need to manifest abundance. thinking small will not make this world a better place.

graeme: when we work out of our self-interest we ruin ourselves through self-indulgence. but when we seek to benefit the whole of man we become divine.

graeme: we fail to understand that we live in a system, and whatever cripples you or alters the condition of your soul negatively, is not worth pursuing.

divine postman: to lose yourself is to lose your health. the only right is what is after my constitution. the only wrong what is against it.

graeme: let our spirit not be taken out of us and put into machines.

divine postman: nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

graeme: absolve you to yourself divine postman, and you shall have the suffrage of the world.

divine postman: the herd has yet to see that to inherit a home is a misfortune. we become bound by the food that we eat and all that we own.

our life begins to centre around our homestead which is caused by the having of a family and not around the love of man.

greame: we forget that a family is not the end and that the world is much bigger than our homes.

divine postman: but the exceptional power of the mind allows it to conceive smallness as it does greatness.

graeme: it will believe whatever you put into it friend. and thus the model of the world that you perceive is what will shape you in the long-term.

divine postman: but oh! how folly it is to create a model that is not in harmony with nature.

graeme: we need to find our purpose divine postman to fulfill our mission on this earth.

divine postman: and our time is not long either graeme. everything will start again anew. all men will be compensated many times more.

especially those who sacrifice willingly and plough the plot of land that nature has given them to till.

graeme: i find that life is one long conversation friend.

divine postman: indeed it is graeme, first with ourselves and then with the people we meet in our lives.

graeme: we must live life according to our own pace divine postman focusing on the prize.

divine postman: let us not rush or compete but move according to our own constitution. choosing what we want and what we do not want.

graeme: let us rid ourselves of these families and these homes and rely on the supreme power of nature.

divine postman: the rounded world is fair to see, nine times folded in mystery: though baffled seers cannot impart the secret of its labouring heart.

throb thine with nature’ throbbing breast, and all is clear from east to west. spirit that lurks each form within beckons to spirit of its kin.

self-kindled every atom glows, and hints the future which it owes.

graeme: let us first answer the questions of apartheid before we can even think of answering the questions of today.

divine postman: nature will not compromise her laws graeme, for the sake of man. she is unyielding in her truth.

we need to take two steps backwards in order to take one step forward. there is a connection in all the events of history.

graeme: it must be said that the study of history is a human need divine postman.

divine postman: nature becomes the frame graeme; history the arena and philosophy the means by which man navigates through every season of his life and poetry the story that he must tell.

graeme: oh! what a great spectacle is to be found in man. he can leap above all things.

graeme: but as he came from nature so too must he return to nature. the tree has more truth to it than any institution or book or corporation could ever teach.

divine postman: we should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light, which flashes across our minds from within. life will break one who fails to listen.

graeme: she whispers divine postman and does not talk out loud, imploring us to not look down upon nature. but uphold her in victory.

graeme: an overdose of the city is not good divine postman. it traps the body and deceives the mind.

divine postman: when you do something graeme- do it all the time- and for the rest of your life.

graeme: we must focus all our attention on one damn good thing knowing that it will succeed.

divine postman: there must be no distractions. the long way is the best way.

graeme: as meek young men divine postman we must grow up in libraries. writing these books.