athi: our bellies are full divine postman but yet our bodies are starving.

divine postman: there is no nutrition in our food athi, none! we eat for pleasure and not for the sake of nourishment.

athi: and thus as our bodies break down so will our minds break down.

divine postman: without disciplining the body nothing in our lives will ever work. we will never be self-reliant but will always be discontent trusting in some third party.

athi: discontent is the want of self-reliance. the herd will retreat to words, always complaining and never expressing any meaningful deeds.

divine postman: and so they run around like headless chickens, lost with no roots.

athi: they forsake their past divine postman and fail to recall how the generations before managed to be great.

divine postman: it always seems to me that, intellectually and physically, the succeeding age is weaker than the one that preceded it.

athi: of course it is not always the case divine postman, but when we do compare the previous generations with the current; one finds that the youth do not look to themselves to create their destiny.

divine postman: well, the reason for this athi, is because the youth seek to replicate the same widget that their parents followed, which is go to school, work hard, get a job, raise a family and die.

athi: such fools! the perception of parents is rapidly aging. we need to get out of the old road and move to the new one for the times they are changing.

divine postman: they are not changing my friend they have already changed. the world today is universal. because the internet has allowed us to communicate more efficiently and more readily.

athi: they teach globalization in schools when all the riches of globalization are before us.

divine postman: they are stagnant in these colleges athi. they are very good at talking but not so good at doing.

athi: we no longer need schooling because at the click of a button we can teach ourselves. and apply our knowledge sooner than what schooling drills.

divine postman: so much is preparation athi! we spend so much time in these classrooms from age seven to twenty one and never have anything to show for it, except a cluttered mind and a bunch of assessments.

athi: school is a waste of time! the confines of parents permeate into the minds of the youth divine postman.

and although there are no chains around the young man’s feet, he is not yet free. they pin him down, with some utterance of what they did in the past

divine postman: i can only live for today athi, and not according to what another man has lived for. i can never live the regrets of another man. and the first thing we need to know as the generation of this divine age is that, injustice begins in the animal kingdom. apartheid, world wars, and civil rights movements all stem from the character by which man treated animals.

athi: indeed divine postman, because the idea of constructing concentration camps was conceived through slaughterhouses.

divine postman: and so if we can slaughter and butcher animals, so can we do the same with man.

athi: it is a very complicated world we live in divine postman. and if one does not perceive the subtleties of everything, we will always repeat the same mistakes. history compels us to learn.

divine postman: we chase the dollar our whole lives athi- without knowing that no amount of money can ever buy you love, no amount of money can ever buy you health, and no amount of money can ever buy you wisdom.

athi: oh! how the dollar has ruined mankind, divine postman.

divine postman: we have forsaken ourselves athi and trusted in this man made currency.

athi: the root of all our problems divine postman can be traced to the food that we eat.

divine postman: as we destroy nature through our eating habits so do we destroy ourselves.

athi: and so we begin to classify wealth, as being in the form of material objects.

divine postman: true wealth athi is the feeling of sheer joy and can only be mined from within. no matter how many gold mines are dug up the condition of man will never improve.

athi: he must dig himself from within. and learn as he moves.

divine postman: we have to destroy in order to rebuild. all that lives is what is in man not institutions.

athi: it is only the child that will receive the crown.