mbuso: those who fear their parents divine postman have yet to be man.

divine postman: they will never see love mbuso but will always remain under the yoke of their parents.

mbuso: they are indecisive in all they do divine postman. dipping their foot in and out of freedom’s waters. tasting it but never drinking the cup to quench their thirst.

it is bitter in the beginning, but oh! so sweet with time.

divine postman: everyone takes the easy road not knowing that until they pay the price they will always be discontent.

mbuso: people fear losing the things that they have and will thus lose all nature’s divine stores. the outside can never change when there is no change within.

divine postman: whoever heeds the call of the great trumpet mbuso will find his prize. we must be willing to let go of the life that we have planned in order to receive that which is waiting for us.

thy lot or portion of life is seeking after thee; therefore be at rest from seeking after it. it is the shadow that is always following you.

mbuso: we need to keep moving forward divine postman dedicating ourselves unceasingly to virtue.

we must always believe in the natural good that is within us and plough it through time.

divine postman: whoever leaves home must never go back again.

mbuso: if they do divine postman they will always be living in the confines of fear and will never be man.

in mali there are kids who are sold to slavery by their foolish parents, at the tender age of seven years old. they are tools for the harvesting of cocoa beans.

divine postman: they are forced to be independent and to rely on themselves mbuso. some escape and some do not.

yet nature will never forsake them she smiles upon them with the rising of the sun. and gathers them in the arms of the moon.

mbuso: every evil hath its good; and every sweet its sour. there is absolutely no need for human beings to consume chocolate divine postman.

our self-indulgent ways oppress ourselves and our fellow man. yet nature will maintain her divine equilibrium.

divine postman: nature will not be fooled mbuso as the gatherer gathers too much she will kill the owner.

mbuso: the herd is weakened by the very food that they consume. they can never contend with the young lad’s labor in mali.

and yet they assume that earning the dollar is manly. the cost of the dollar is the loss of one’s hands and feet. with time the body begins to fail and the estate appears to grow.

divine postman: every dollar we spend is a vote for what we believe in. by purchasing goods and services from major corporations and institutions we approve of their inhumane practices.

it is through our purchases that we contribute to the widening gap of inequality.

whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist mbuso. he needs to put off all foreign support, and stand alone. it is only then he will be strong and prevail. man’s duty is to tell his story.

mbuso: great works of art are informed by suffering friend. and we need to be conscious that things will get easier with time.

divine postman: nature clears away the old to make room for the new.