athi: everything is good in moderation divine postman

divine postman: it is through our giving that we find meaning friend. before we take, let us first ask what can we give

athi: and once we give, we must never stop. but i find that even when people give they are so conservative divine postman

divine postman: the herd will always do just enough and not seek to do more. and thus as they give little so will they receive little

athi: our level of success is in proportion to our level of risk taking. the greater the risk, the greater the reward

divine postman: the more sacrifices you are prepared to make for what you believe in, the greater a harvest you will yield

athi: all that is wise divine postman is all that is free. wisdom comes through suffering.

divine postman: without discipline we can never yield sustained fruit. these homes have become a curse to us athi

athi: the belly can never have enough of eating. we begin to settle in them and create illusions in our minds that we have arrived

divine postman: there is no destination in life friend. we need to constantly keep on moving. life takes the shape of our minds.

athi: it is imperative that we find what we are passionate about because our life will be the work that we do

divine postman: those who suffer today will be rich tomorrow

athi: it is our dreams that matter friend. and the dream will become the story

divine postman: we need to abandon what we have to receive what awaits. it is better to live full and die empty than to live a life full of regrets.

athi: our ghosts will dog us and haunt us, as long as we live, should we not bring them to life.

divine postman: the wealthiest place in the world is the cemetery. there you will find the lost treasures of infinite possibility.

athi: it is fear that has buried them. and in choosing to live their fears instead of their dreams they create false perceptions. which they subsequently pass on to their kids

divine postman: that is why it is so imperative that we learn history. there is this exceptionally beneficial and fruitful advantage to be derived from the study of the past. through the examples set in the clear light of historical truth we can choose what to imitate and what to avoid.

we cannot repeat the same mistakes that parents made and thus threatening our lives and that of the future generation with false perception

what if you live your whole life friend and upon coming to the end of it, you find out that it was all wrong

athi: my goodness divine postman and once you have lived all those years you can never go back to relive them again. the greatest tragedy brother is living in the confines of fear. fear holds dominion over all men, and should man fail to overcome his perception will me shaped by his fears and not his dreams.

divine postman: everything you do and everything you see will shape the person that you will be. yet beauty will never die athi. she demands a high price but all her splendors are worth all the sacrifices

athi: the bright lights in this firmament of hope will overcome all things. when there is peace within there will always be peace without

divine postman: everything matters. how you do anything is how you do everything

athi: the small things become the big things friend. what a gift is the art of conversation divine postman

divine postman: we learn, we love, we grow with these words athi. conversation reflects the laws of traveling. as words move so richer will the story be.

athi: through conversation we master ourselves and we begin to master humanity.

divine postman: all that we are is a manifestation of our energies the hand of the muse will rise and fall. taking us through ups and downs

athi: there is no straight line in nature. the best smile is one that is crooked