mbuso: to have nothing is to have everything divine postman

divine postman: indeed friend, it is true. when we have too much we lose time and when we have enough we use time

mbso: it seems as though, the mass of man, or i should rather say, the herd of men who merely do what they are told or what they see others doing are always in a rush to do something. but you never see any value in what they do

divine postman: they are very good at talking but not so good at reflecting their words through their deeds. one thing i have learned in life friend is that, those who talk the most fear the most. and as a means to escape their fears they project their insecurities on other people

mbuso: they take advantage of those who are weak divine postman. and one must not be intimidated by the intruding rabble of man and books and institutions but always know that nothing can ever break love

divine postman: she is what is most brave mbuso, most daring, most wild, and most gracious. it is only when we are pure that we dwell in her

mbuso: in all her mysterious ways, she serves those who are in need of her presence. the meek hand she will teach to be strong

divine postman: from the rising to the setting of the sun she bestows grace among all the leaping herds in the field kind after kind. and man when he goes to bed lays in the bosom of her breast and at once forgetting the heaviness of his sorrows

mbuso: success is not what colleges teach divine postman. it is not accumulating millions of dollars. it is a priceless feeling which no value of money can ever purchase let alone sustain.

divine postman: a little girl once told me mbuso that you can never go to the shop with all the money in the world and ask to buy love.

mbuso: truly she was right my friend the world will sell you anything excepting love

divine postman: it is a state of being mbuso, an identity that will always live. it is what moulds and makes the human soul. as a potter carves out the shape of her design so will love make the soul of a man.

and if he will so choose once he has tasted these divine waters man will forsake all things that the common herd pursue and be happy in his own skin. sure of the power that sustains him.

mbuso: how divine and immortal is sheer joy divine postman. it is there where love dwells friend at the roots of our being. for even to our old age and grey hairs she is ever-present.

divine postman: the simple man will find her mbuso. for everything gained something is taken away.

mbuso: and all that is lost for love’s sake can never even begin to compare with her immortal joys

divine postman: indeed it is true friend i can say that love is worth sacrificing everything for. she will never fail