okuhle: we must eat what we choose divine postman and not what we are given

divine postman: if people understood the profound influence that food has in their lives they would make choices that were much different

okuhle: the food that we eat shapes our minds, our emotions. and in essence what we eat is the foundation of our dna

divine postman: it makes sense when people say that you are what you eat. and what you find is that everything is connected through the food that we eat

okuhle: it is an integrated system divine postman that nature has wired. when we hurt nature with what we eat, we will subsequently hurt ourselves. and as we hurt ourselves we hurt others.

divine postman: it is much like a dominos board. the source of our food creates a reaction that will eventually lead to a single great experience

okuhle: another example is how the numerous memories of the same thing eventually produce the effect of a single experience. all our efforts accumulate to a desired outcome.

divine postman: and in the case of knowledge the end product of every investigation will be action. however, there are limits okuhle that no man can exceed

okuhle: just as it is said that, a man cannot exceed the number of years allotted to him on this earth, so evil will eventually come to an abrupt halt

divine postman: while good is infinite and abounding beyond the ends of the earth. high up the artic circle beyond aurora, the engine of beauty commands the sun

okuhle: it is up to us divine postman to stand up for the love of man and shape the generation to come with our words.

divine postman: and that will imply we need to cast off all we know advancing through chaos and the dark and not fleeing from a revolution like invalids and minors but being guides, redeemers and benefactors. conscious that success will come with time

okuhle: we wait, we learn, and in the end we grow

divine postman: a tree will find its waters by stretching for its roots