ovid: myself and the dough are related divine postman. it is like my only son, wherever i go he comes.

divine postman: indeed ovid, it is true what you say, because your guide and fortune’s guide are one. your dreams follow you wherever you go.

ovid: one need not be in a frenzy friend but must be at rest. since that which you are seeking is stalking you also.

divine postman: every heart vibrates to that iron string ovid. therefore let us rest knowing that all things conspire to test our faith.

ovid: we have to be sane in all this madness divine postman. accepting the place the divine providence has found for you friend.

where you are is where nature ordains for you to be. the light will overcome all darkness.

divine postman: great is our glory ovid when we remain patient.

ovid: it is only through perseverance divine postman that we receive our prize.

divine postman: every morning the loyal employee runs away from his problems in his home and chooses to remain ignorant of his failed marriage.

ovid: and so the sons and daughters will rebel because parents are too busy working to spend time with them.

divine postman: it is only when we remain focused that we find truth.

ovid: nature will select only the most faithful.

divine postman: oh! what great riches are to be found within ovid. great seas, bright stars and lush trees. extending beyond the ends of the earth.

ovid: nature rejoices in all that is simple.

divine postman: let us not be married to our spouses, our jobs, and our children.

ovid: let each man worship his soul.


seneca: the ability to communicate divine postman is a critical skill.

divine postman: communication fulfills many purposes seneca and whoever cannot communicate effectively will fail to have a happy life.

seneca: through communication divine postman we learn an incredible amount about who we are, the world that we live in and the people we come across.

divine postman: it is something that we need to work on everyday friend.

seneca: such a simple and powerful tool divine postman; yet see how many a mortal fail to embrace it fully.

divine postman: they overlook it because they think they do not need it. they clutter nature’s pure gifts with all that they own.

seneca: the majority of mortals take life’s greatest gifts for granted. they would rather watch television than engage in empowering discourse.

divine postman: life cannot be substituted for matter. we are losing the most precious aspects of who we are.

seneca: what a joy it is to lay under the maturing sun in mount frere.

divine postman: and to watch it set in the mountain under the may sky.

seneca: man does not even begin to marvel at this beauty, he is too busy indoors and clutters his mind with cooking, cell-phones and the internet.

divine postman: society acquires new arts friend and loses old instincts. it has forsaken the wisdom in the blade of grass and man cannot tell the time by observing the position of the sun.

seneca: let us not sacrifice first hand pleasures for stale entertainment and dull consumption.

divine postman: all men plume themselves on improvement but none will ever improve.

seneca: the wave moves onwards but the particles of which it is composed remains the same.

divine postman: without discipline nothing will ever work seneca. we cannot appreciate the glory in the times without remaining steadfast in nature.

seneca: what was intended to be good and benefit all of man can so easily be distorted.

divine postman: there is such a fine line friend between greatness and folly.

seneca: ignorance is what kills everyone. the mind can never see when the body remains in one frequency.

divine postman: the greater the energy, the greater the light, it is the body that needs to be set free.

seneca: all history is in the human body, and so it yearns to return to its divine state.

divine postman: the sooner we shed the old the sooner we receive the new.

seneca: we must allow life to take us where it wills.

divine postman: time is the true counsellor. and the doers must trust in her as the supreme guide.

seneca: the doers are the dreamers and the great thinkers. they get things done and never let go of their history.

divine postman: a rush of blood will move us forward. and teach us a new way.

seneca: you only live once divine postman and every youth must teach the world something different and not conform to the old way of doing things.

divine postman: the power that is in me seneca is new in nature and i need to express the truth of my thought.

seneca: and yet obeying the divine laws of nature.

divine postman: everything will build and connect at the end.




hesiod: i have not really found a place divine postman that i can call home. i never stay quite long enough to make it home.

divine postman: i apologise once again I am not in love; my life does not accommodate family.

i believe in a bigger vision that the earth is my home. and my family is the whole of the human race.

hesiod: truly divine postman, the poet does not standstill. his duty is to write and live for the whole of man.

divine postman: he must show man a better way and liberate them with his voice.

it is not a crime to live for one’s dream. in my eyes a family, a home, a job is a selfish endeavour. what does not create community is a selfish endeavour.

hesiod: a household caters only for the interests of its members and ignores the poverty of the street child.

divine postman: a family is a cult hesiod. benefiting at the cost of another person. it does not believe in the universal good of man and stops with feeding their bellies.

hesiod: and so as it focuses on itself it will only reap self-indulgence.

divine postman: they aim low hesiod.

hesiod: and they will reap low friend.

divine postman: they do not dream big. they are rigid in their behaviour and fear what is different and in the end they lead a consrvative life.

hesiod: people never ask nature for what belongs to them. they never question what their parents tell them.

divine postman: it is only through exploring and conversing with many men and women that we begin to learn.

hesiod: it is only when we observe that we change.

divine postman: and observation begins with an awareness.

hesiod: let our world not be our family. it is not a sustainable means of living.

divine postman: the wide-eyed earth is enough to compensate for every loss.

hesiod: all men seek glory divine postman, yet few will to suffer.

divine postman: they settle hesiod and become trapped in their dogmas.

hesiod: it is a foolish life that they live. they create an illusion of comfort that they chase their whole lives.

divine postman: only to find that it is false.


plato: whoever does not take care of his body will never be able to take care of anything.

divine postman: they will always live in ignorance plato never believing in their natural genius.

plato: many will be fooled in this age divine postman, chasing false riches.

divine postman: one will see and one will remain blind plato.

plato: the power to choose is the greatest freedom we have.

divine postman: everyone chooses to live in denial chasing the idols in the city.

plato: nature holds greater riches than can ever be mined in cities friend.

divine postman: the city destroys whoever is ignorant. it kills the soul and clutters the mind.

plato: it is only nature that can save us divine postman, her infinite laws repel all darkness.

divine postman: the city is ruthless plato and demands that one loves wisdom.

plato: and so philosophy divine postman will sustain a man through every season of his life.

divine postman: it makes sense why apollodorus consorted with socrates and made it his daily care to know whatever he says or does.

plato: indeed divine postman, he knew that socrates had undergone the purification of the soul.

divine postman: in all we do plato, let us not sell ourselves to the things that we do. there is always abundance within.

plato: it is important divine postman that we experience different cultures observing their unique lifestyle.

divine postman: there is something to learn in every experience. the richest of all men is he who is wetted by experience.

plato: and not only he who is wetted by experience but also he who learns from experience.

divine postman: indeed plato because it is through observation that we begin to learn. and thus our understanding becomes our charisma.

plato: should we not trust ourselves we will not trust anything. the city dweller begs for knowledge from institutions and does not believe in the truth that stems from within.

divine postman: it is habits that define us plato and not what schools teach. the school boy creeps like a snail to class but leaps like a deer when he is in the playground.

plato: the mind is vagabond divine postman and the system of education fosters restlessness.

divine postman: people go to school to learn how to work for money and not have money work for them.

plato: they learn to be servants and not kings. and so life becomes a burden of early mornings and late nights.

divine postman: they become cogs in the wheel of money.

plato: the world is a business divine postman and man is the tool.




michelangelo: our dreams come true divine postman.

divine postman: it is only through our thoughts that we become rich michelangelo because we attract that which we think about.

michelangelo: our dream needs to be our obsession divine postman. something that we think about even in our sleep.

as we meditate upon our dream day and night, it will manifest in the material realm.

divine postman: it is first conceived in the spiritual world and thus made possible through the omnipotence of the human will.

and fortune will follow the one who masters her law. suggesting that there is a dualism of spirit and matter.

michelangelo: and to master fortune we need to remain obedient to her precepts.

divine postman: whoever does not give will never receive. the mass of man are poor because they collect liabilities that cost them maintainenance.

michelangelo: they buy expenses divine postman! and expect to be rich. why do they go to the city, i will never understand.

i travel a great deal in south africa friend, and see young men whose misfortune it is to have inherited farms, houses, barns, cattle, and an inheritance, for these are more easily acquired than got rid of.

divine postman: they become prisoners to their homes and have to work their whole lives serving matter. and so they create illusions in their minds to ease the burden on their soul but reality maintains her truth.

michelangelo: mere bellies are these mortals divine postman! they sacrifice their souls for material riches. what is in their head is what they will hold in their hands.

the cost of security is experience. the more certainty there is in your life the less of life you will know.

all that people know is going to work, coming back home, cooking food, watching television and making lunch for their children in the morning.

divine postman: do you realise michelangelo that the routine of schooling is the routine of working.

michelangelo: the home becomes the centre through which everything revolves. forsake a home and you will receive life.

we are weakened by the food that we eat in these homes friend.

divine postman: and what weakens the body is what weakens the mind. nothing is sustainable in the city friend man has strayed far from nature.

michelangelo: the world needs genius divine postman that combines all learning.

divine postman: the true genius friend is nature’s scholar who keenly observes the different lifestyles that man lead.

michelangelo: and thus drawing his conclusion on which life is best.

divine postman: he must learn that there is only one option in life and that is success.

michelangelo: but what can one deem to be success divine postman? is it based on external achievements?

divine postman: no friend, it is learning to be content. and knowing that thy lot will follow thee.

michelangelo: the tables will turn divine postman and the young will lead the revolution.

divine postman: fortune rejoices in unity and simplicity friend. she favours the brave.

michelangelo: beauty, truth, and rarity, grace in all simplicity. fame is won through our deeds.

divine postman: each man is in control of his own fate. what is most simple is most powerful.

michelangelo: all that is patient friend is all that is truth. simplicity commands faith.

divine postman: the simple are glorified. i am always chasing experience michelangelo and seeking understanding.


ovid: the more you do for people divine postman, the less they are prepared to do.

divine postman: they begin to develop an entitlement mentality ovid and start to fold their hands.

ovid: and once the hands are idle friend the mind is poor.

divine postman: we must give up the eating of meat. flesh cannot sustain the body in the long-term. instead it breaks it down.

ovid: to reclaim our bodies with pure nutrition is to reclaim our minds. for the mind to be rich the body must first be rich with life.

divine postman: anything that man puts his hand to he destroys. the damage that we inflict upon nature will take centuries to be reversed. and how we treat nature is reflected in how we treat our bodies.

ovid: and as nature is a highly sensitive network so is the body an incredibly fragile system. necessitating that we treat ourselves with care.

divine postman: as we take from nature ovid let us give something back to ease the burden that we place upon her.

ovid: should we fail to align ourselves with nature, the children will bear the curse of the current generation’s failures.

divine postman: which brings us to the need for expressing ourselves because through our chosen form of expression we are able to learn more about who we are and thus become conscious.

ovid: we need to learn how to communicate friend it is the one skill we engage in everyday of our lives.

divine postman: and it is mandatory that we work on it everyday ovid.

ovid: through effective communication we create a community of like-minded people who delight in the sharing of new ideas.

however, we need to start small and be conscious that with patience and perseverance we can achieve anything.

divine postman: every struggle will pass ovid and the good times will lay before our feet.

the strong mind will endure all indignities keeping its eye on the prize. the thought is the seed. the seed takes root in the ground and what sprouts is the deed.

ovid: all that we do is first conceived within and according to nature’s law is then manifested without. it is important that despite any obstacles we encounter, we always hold the vision in our minds.

divine postman: and all that we experience shapes our dna and all that is in our dna will be a reflection of our charisma.

proving that in the end charisma is higher than intellect because the intellectual capacity comprises of a very small fraction of who we are.

ovid: as we find ourselves in the presence of machines we will begin to take the shape of machines.

what we learnt in school will have little or no influence because we will be shaped by our environment.

divine postman: and so we are not man thinking.

ovid: let us be universal in our living divine postman in order to be universal in our thinking. let us not be confined to a single environment.

divine postman: we can only have a holistic perspective once we begin to learn how to adapt to different environments.

ovid: and start appreciating the uniqueness of our species and the connection that we all share with each other, which is love.

divine postman: it is the song in every heart.


vergil: the young divine postman will always see things different.

divine postman: however, vergil the fears and anxieties of the previous generation will always contaminate the purity of the youth.

vergil: it is true what you say divine postman, the ideologies, idiosyncrasies and habits of parents are bound to affect the thought of the youth.

divine postman: they place confines on the young man’s genius, as he attempts to do the unthinkable.

vergil: they stigmatize failure and always tell him what he cannot do.

divine postman: parents never conceive possibility vergil.

vergil: is it possible then to be a recluse divine postman, isolating yourself completely and refusing to be poisoned by their illusions?

divine postman: it is an interesting question vergil. however, what matters first is that we fight for our dream and remain rooted in nature’s bosom.

we cannot allow another’s limitations to affect our thinking. we must embrace the labor of other’s but remain unmoved in our purpose.

vergil: as we obey nature’s divine law, we grow in strength and faith and can testify to all that is dark.

divine postman: we must be guides, redeemers, and benefactors; not cowards fleeing before a revolution.

vergil: oh! what will it take friend to subdue man’s strong will? old age and sickness?

divine postman: many will learn when it is too late vergil. to lose a home is to gain a life.

vergil: man is bound by all that he owns friend. there are no chains around his feet but he is not yet free.