dylan: the greatest mistake man ever made was settling down and deciding to have a family. subsequently, divine postman, that mentality was passed down to their children.

divine postman: the fear of parents will hurt their children dylan. for non-conformity they will whip the child with their displeasure.

dylan: they start thinking that a family is the best that man can do, when there is so much to live for.

divine postman: comfort and security are products of fear. they want to force us to be like them.

dylan: they love power so much that it is sickening. a family creates a possessive mentality. you never enjoy things you just keep piling them up.

divine postman: i will never pursue what they did. life is too precious to be wasted running around and accumulating things you will leave behind when you die. no matter how much you buy your heart will never have enough.

dylan: it is only love that can fill our hearts friend.

divine postman: parents will never understand the language of love. they will always oppress their sons and daughters pinning them down. they are stuck in the material realm. slaves to be exact

dylan: well, we see different divine postman and they need to know that.

divine postman: we will not grow old and die in the city that we were born. we will lay in the battlefields of libya. our blood will be smeared with the horse’s chariots in the sahara desert.

dylan: and our sacrifices will be redeemed in the nile. as we are washed again anew, gazing at the mighty stars.

divine postman: orion was here before parents were born. let them not think that they are wiser than nature. we shall not dwell  among the dry bones of the past.

dylan: having a family will never save you. each man must stand on his own divine postman. it is only then that he will prevail and be strong.

divine postman: let a man then know his worth and keep things under his feet. let him not peep or steal or skulk up and down with the air of a charity boy, a bastard, or an interloper, in the world which exists for him.

dylan: the mother or father can never be better than the child irregardless of how much they oppress him. he is the ripened universal miracle of nature on which their being is cast.

divine postman: all they did was conceive us and give us birth. they did not stitch us in the womb.

dylan: it is only nature that can write poetry in the mother’s womb, as she is strengthened by the suffering of the joy that is being moulded within her.

divine postman: mama raised me dylan. my grandmother duna washed me and clothed me as a baby.

dylan: my father fought me, i thank him for that divine postman it only made me wiser. it taught me love is greater than that dollar.

divine postman: mama left me at age 21, she had to go plead her case with the angels. told me that her legacy was not the inheritance she left but my bright smile.

dylan: i quit school never believed the nonsense my father was telling me. yeah homie that bike did save me.

divine postman: i substituted the hallways of university for nature’s tall trees and green fields.

dylan: i found myself divine postman in the wide sea. now iAM a man following nature’s footsteps.

divine postman: i quit eating that meat dylan took better care of my body. now i walk this long road to fame with nature’s music resonating in my soul.

dylan: the human body and mind is enough for me, i came naked from my mother’s womb. i do not need all these possessions.

divine postman: the gift of life is enough homie.



samantha: what we love is freedom divine postman.

divine postman: it is the most choicest of all joys sam.

samantha: however, freedom and discipline are two sides of the same coin.

divine postman: and they both yield the end result of wisdom.

samantha: but fools despise wisdom and discipline divine postman.

divine postman: it is a dangerous game that they play because one can never be free on the outside without casting all the chains within.

samantha: there are no shortcuts to success divine postman, everyone must take the long road.

divine postman: nature will not be fooled sam, her laws are timeless stretching deeper than the roots of the sea. all that a man is, will be reflected in the work of his hands.

samantha: it is imperative that we find what we love because through our work we begin to know ourselves.

divine postman: but people would rather settle for the dollar doing work that they hate. but never doing anything to make a change.

samantha: your work is going to fill a large part of your life divine postman.

divine postman: it is what one is married to sam.

samantha: we deceive ourselves and think that marriage is with one’s spouse. when that which you are really in matrimony with is your work.

divine postman: and so the doctor or the lawyer expects to work and at the same time raise a family.

samantha: it is absolute madness divine postman, there is only so much you can achieve with the time that you are given, which necessitates that whatever one chooses to do they need to choose wisely. for everything that is given something is taken away.

divine postman: where you spend most of your time sam is where your heart is. it is not with your kids, whom you have handed over to institutions because you do not have the time to raise them, but you work. there is a cost to everything.

samantha: water takes the shape of all that it surrounds divine postman. the mechanic will become a machine, the lawyer a statute book, the doctor a drug.

divine postman: it is best to live a solitary life and be responsible for your body, mind, and soul. and one might easily perceive it as a selfish life but through your purpose you serve the whole of man.

samantha: by being at your absolute best divine postman you raise the standard for the rest of man.

divine postman: it is true sam but oh! how the road is filled with resistance. there will be those who think they know your duty better than you know it. brother, sister, cousin, and charity will all shout: “come out unto us forsake those petty words.”

samantha: what i must do divine postman is all that concerns me, not what the people think. this rule equally arduous in actual and in intellectual life, may serve for the whole distinction between greatness and meanness.

divine postman: it is easy in the world to live after the world’s opinion. it is easy in solitude to live after our own.

samantha: they do not understand that within there are oceans of gold and hills of purple.

divine postman: let us be seduced by books in the library sam than clothes in the shopping mall.

samantha: in all our occupations divine postman man is not thinking.

divine postman: man thinking sam is man living. the professor is not yet man but sits with his thoughts and thus becomes a thinker. the police man who guns down miners at marikana or the soldier of the apartheid regime are both neither man nor thinking.

samantha: so many wars and injustices can be prevented divine postman if man decided to start thinking and questioning things.

divine postman: everything begins with a question sam. as Man Thinking the whole theory of one’s office is contained.

samantha: him nature solicits with all her placid, all her monitory pictures, him the past instructs, him the future invites.

divine postman: every man and every woman is a student, and all things exist for the student’s behoof.

samantha: the true scholar divine postman is the only true master. but as the old oracle said, “all things have two handles, beware of the wrong one.”

divine postman: everyone is searching for something in this life. however, it takes wisdom to know which road to follow.

samantha: wisdom is the shepherd to all men. the best story to tell is that of your own.

divine postman: all that is truth is all that lives.



graeme: when the gatherer gathers too much, nature in her eternal providence takes out of the man what she puts into her chest. swells the estate, but kills the owner. and maintains her pure equilibrium divine postman.

divine postman: the waves of the sea do not more speedily seek a level from their loftiest tossing, than the varieties of condition tend to equalize themselves.

graeme: every excess produces a defect, and conversely every defect an excess. as we consume meat and processed foods at an alarming rate, so speedily will our bodies swell with weight.

divine postman: it is a reminder graeme that justice begins with how we treat the animals. violence in essence begins with the food that we eat. when we fail to invest in our minds it will be reflected in the health of our bodies.

graeme: the body is filled with imperishable light- astronomical in every sense- and pure bright. but yet we taint it with what we put in it.

divine postman: it is a self-sustaining organ, that does not need much help from us except to give it the best. the more attention you give your body, the more it will give you back in return.

graeme: i find that in most people today they expect the mind to go beyond the capacity of the body.

divine postman: you cannot push your mind beyond the limits of your body. a healthy body is a healthy mind.

graeme: as the body endures friend so does the mind.

divine postman: and before anything friend, if we want to explore our intellectual capabilities we must first cast off these chains in our bodies.

graeme: and as we set ourselves free divine postman so we will set many others free.

divine postman: we need to have emotional stamina to endure with our minds. the race is not won by the swiftest rather it is taken by the wisest.

graeme: only the strong will continue divine postman.

divine postman: in all we do, we need to manifest abundance. thinking small will not make this world a better place.

graeme: when we work out of our self-interest we ruin ourselves through self-indulgence. but when we seek to benefit the whole of man we become divine.

graeme: we fail to understand that we live in a system and whatever cripples you or alters the condition of your soul negatively is not worth pursuing.

divine postman: to lose yourself is to lose your health. the only right is what is after my constitution. the only wrong what is against it.

graeme: let our spirit not be taken out of us and put into machines.

divine postman: nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

graeme: absolve you to yourself divine postman, and you shall have the suffrage of the world.

divine postman: the herd has yet to see that to inherit a home is a misfortune. we become bound by the food we eat and what we own as our life centres around our homestead and not around the love of man.

graeme: we need to find our purpose divine postman to fulfill our mission on this earth.

divine postman: and our time is not long either graeme. everything will start again anew. all men will be compensated many times more. especially those who sacrifice willingly and plough the plot of land that nature has given them to till.

graeme: i find that life is one long conversation friend

divine postman: indeed it is graeme, first with ourselves and then with the people we meet in our lives.

graeme: we must live life according to our own pace divine postman focusing on the prize.

divine postman: let us not rush or compete but move according to our own constitution.

graeme: we must first answer the questions of apartheid before we can even think of answering the questions of today.

divine postman: nature will not compromise her laws graeme, for the sake of man. she is unyielding in her truth. we need to take two steps backwards in order to take one step forward. there is a connection in all the events of history.

graeme: it must be said that the study of history is a human need.

divine postman: nature becomes the frame graeme, history the arena and philosophy the means by which man navigates through every season of his life and poetry the story that he must tell.

graeme: oh! what a great spectacle is to be found in man. he can leap above all things.

graeme: but as he came from nature so too must he return to nature. the tree has more truth to it than any institution or book or corporation could ever teach.

divine postman: we should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light, which flashes across our minds from within. life will break one who fails to listen.

graeme: she whispers divine postman and does not talk out loud imploring us to not look down upon nature. but uphold her in victory.

graeme: an overdose of the city is not good divine postman. it traps the body and deceives the mind.

divine postman: when you do something graeme- do it all the time- and for the rest of your life.

graeme: we must focus all our attention on one damn good thing knowing that it will succeed.

divine postman: there must be no distractions. the long way is the best way.

graeme: as meek young men divine postman we must grow up in libraries. writing these books



athi: our bellies are full divine postman but yet our bodies are starving.

divine postman: there is no nutrition in our food athi, none! we eat for pleasure and not for the sake of nourishment.

athi: and thus as our bodies break down so will our minds break down.

divine postman: without disciplining the body nothing in our lives will ever work. we will never be self-reliant but will always be discontent trusting in some third party.

athi: discontent is the want of self-reliance. the herd will retreat to words, always complaining and never expressing any meaningful deeds.

divine postman: and so they run around like headless chickens, lost with no roots.

athi: they forsake their past divine postman and fail to recall how the generations before managed to be great.

divine postman: it always seems to me that, intellectually and physically, the succeeding age is weaker than the one that preceded it.

athi: of course it is not always the case divine postman, but when we do compare the previous generations with the current; one finds that the youth do not look to themselves to create their destiny.

divine postman: well, the reason for this athi, is because the youth seek to replicate the same widget that their parents followed, which is go to school, work hard, get a job, raise a family and die.

athi: such fools! the perception of parents is rapidly aging. we need to get out of the old road and move to the new one for the times they are changing.

divine postman: they are not changing my friend they have already changed. the world today is universal. because the internet has allowed us to communicate more efficiently and more readily.

athi: they teach globalization in schools when all the riches of globalization are before us.

divine postman: they are stagnant in these colleges athi. they are very good at talking but not so good at doing.

athi: we no longer need schooling because at the click of a button we can teach ourselves. and apply our knowledge sooner than what schooling drills.

divine postman: so much is preparation athi! we spend so much time in these classrooms from age seven to twenty one and never have anything to show for it , except a cluttered mind and a bunch of assessments.

athi: school is a waste of time! the confines of parents permeate into the minds of the youth divine postman. and although there are no chains around the young man’s feet, he is not yet free. they pin him down, with some utterance of what they did in the past

divine postman: i can only live for today athi and not according to what another man has lived for. i can never live the regrets of another man. and the first thing we need to know as the generation of this divine age is that, injustice begins in the animal kingdom. apartheid, world wars, and civil rights movements all stem from the character by which man treated animals.

athi: indeed divine postman, because the idea of constructing concentration camps was conceived through slaughterhouses.

divine postman: and so if we can slaughter and butcher animals, so can we do the same with man.

athi: it is a very complicated world we live in divine postman. and if one does not perceive the subtleties of everything, we will always repeat the same mistakes.

divine postman: we chase the dollar our whole lives athi- without knowing that no amount of money can ever buy you love, no amount of money can ever buy you health, and no amount of money can ever buy you wisdom.

athi: oh! how the dollar has ruined mankind, divine postman.

divine postman: we have forsaken ourselves athi and trusted in this man made currency.

athi: the root of all our problems divine postman can be traced to the food that we eat.

divine postman: as we destroy nature through our eating habits so do we destroy ourselves.

athi: and so we begin to classify wealth, as being in the form of material objects.

divine postman: true wealth athi is the feeling of sheer joy and can only be mined from within. no matter how many gold mines are dug up the condition of man will never improve.

athi: he must dig himself from within


mbuso: those who fear their parents divine postman have yet to be man.

divine postman: they will never see love mbuso but will always remain under the yoke of their parents.

mbuso: they are indecisive in all they do divine postman. dipping their foot in and out of freedom’s waters. tasting it but never drinking the cup to quench their thirst.

divine postman: they take the easy road not knowing that until they pay the price they will always be discontent.

mbuso: they fear losing the things that they have and will thus lose all nature’s divine stores. the outside can never change when there is no change within.

divine postman: whoever heeds the call of the great trumpet mbuso will find his prize. thy lot or portion of life is seeking after thee; therefore be at rest from seeking after it.

mbuso: we need to keep moving forward divine postman dedicating ourselves unceasingly to virtue.

divine postman: those who leave home must never go back again.

mbuso: if they do divine postman they will always be living in the confines of fear and will always be boys. in mali there are kids who are sold to slavery by their foolish parents at the tender age of seven years old. and this is used as the means for affecting the petty pleasure of consuming chocolate.

divine postman: they are forced to be independent through the harvesting of cocoa beans and rely on themselves mbuso. though sorrowful in every way they lie at the bosom of nature. and the foolish consumer who is no less than a machine buying chocolate and as a result through his purchase he adocates this oppression

mbuso: there is absolutely no need for human beings to consume chocolate divine postman. it is another prime example of how senseless we have come to be through pride and greed.

divine postman: nature will not be fooled mbuso as the gatherer gathers too much she will kill the own

mbuso: and thus the herd is weakened by the very food that they consume. through oppressing another they oppress themselves. they can never contend with the labor of the young lad in mali. and as a result of all that is in their bellies they lose the use of their hands and feet. their bodies begin to fail them.

divine postman: whoso would be a man must be a non-conformist mbuso. he needs to put off all foreign support, and stand alone. it is only then he will be strong and prevail.

mbuso: great works of art are informed by suffering friend. and we need to be conscious that things will get easier with time.

divine postman: nature clears away the old to make room for the new


milton: of man’s first disobedience, and the fruit of that forbidden tree,

divine postman: whose mortal taste, brought death into the world, and all our woe with loss of eden,

milton: till one greater man restore us, and regain that blissful seat,

divine postman: sing heavenly muse, that on the secret top, of oreb, or of sinai, did inspire that shepherd, who first taught the chosen seed,

milton: in the beginning how the heavens and earth rose out of chaos

divine postman: or if sion hill delight thee more, and siloa’s brook that flowed fast by the oracle of olympian zeus, we then invoke your aid to our adventurous song

milton: that with no middle flight intends to soar above the aonian mount, while it pursues things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.

divine postman: and chiefly though oh spirit, that does prefer before all temples the upright heart and pure, instruct us

milton: for you know

divine postman: though from the first was present, and with mighty wings outspread dove-like sat brooding on the vast abyss. and made it pregnant

milton: what in us, is dark, illumine.

divine postman: what is low, raise and support

milton: that to the height of this great argument we may assert eternal providence

divine postman: and justify the ways of love to man




socrates: dear divine postman, whither away, and where do you come from?

divine postman: from plato socrates, the son of ariston; and iAM going for a walk outside the wall. for i spent a long time there with plato, sitting since early morning; and on the advice of your friend and mine, samantha, iAM taking my walk on the roads; for she says they are less fatiguing than the streets.

socrates: he is right, my friend. then, plato, it appears was in the city?

divine postman: yes, at mbuso’s house, the one that belonged to athi, near slumtown.

socrates: what was your conversation? but it is obvious that plato entertained you with his speeches.

divine postman: you shall hear, if you have leisure to walk along and listen. nothing stays the same socrates everything changes.

socrates: for when a baby is born, she is being constantly prepared for her new environment. but don’t you believe that i consider hearing your conversations with plato a greater thing even than business, as pindar says?

divine postman: lead on, then.

socrates: speak.

divine postman: indeed, socrates, you are just the man to hear it. for the discourse about which we conversed, was in a way, a love speech. for plato has represented one of the beauties being tempted, but not by a lover; this is just the clever thing about it; for he says that favors should be granted rather to the one who is not in love than to the lover.

socrates: o noble plato! i wish he would write that they should be granted to the poor rather than to the rich, to the old rather than to the young, and so of all the other qualities that i and most of us have.

for truly his discourse would be witty and of general utility. iAM so determined to hear you divine postman, that i will not leave you, even if you extend your walk to nahoon beach, and as, aristotle says, go to the wall and back again.

divine postman: what are you saying, my dear socrates?

socrates: all that we learn divine postman has universal implications. what plato wrote in greece will resound in africa.

divine postman: and so knowledge becomes a circle socrates