emerson: i remember divine postman we made it out of that dark place

divine postman: through the darkness we found the light ralph and now today we stand together upright. conscious of the meaning for our suffering

emerson: without suffering divine postman there can be no joy. the sorrows and tears we shed point us toward our joy.

divine postman: suffering is temporary emerson joy abounds forever

emerrson: he who has a why divine postman can bear with almost anyhow. we need to remember that a tree grows from its roots

divine postman: the mass of man idolize the fruit and the leaves on the outside never thinking that what matters are the changes we undergo from within

emerson: beauty is what we do not see divine postman. all that we have is born from within

divine postman: and when life tests the truth that we believe in, we need to persevere and endure knowing that something better awaits us above that hill

emerson: the soul is progressive it is active, free and sovereign

divine postman: in all we encounter we need to hold on to hope emerson.

emerson: hope is a tree divine postman sitting on the mountain where the grass does not grow

divine postman: through hope we perceive great possibility. life is more precious than the dollar. we cannot replace the divine repositories of man with a commodity

emerson: freedom is the most choicest of all joys, for it is learned through suffering and patience. aligning us with nature’s purpose

divine postman: we must understand that all things move emerson and never remain in one place. and to harness all the gifts of movement bestowed upon us, we need to live simply knowing that through nature we are self-sufficient

emerson: oh! what a piece of work is man divine postman. how noble in reason. how infinite in faculty. in form and moving how express and admirable. in action how like an angel. in apprehension how like a god. oh the beauty of the world divine postman! the paragon of animals.

divine postman: he is all that lives emerson. born to be king and queen