graeme: every first world country divine postman benefits at the cost of a third world country.

divine postman: indeed friend cheap labor is what corporations implement to maximize their profits.

we can only be rich when we live from within cultivating our own souls and not leaving it up to institutions, books, and entertainment. sustained wealth stems from within.

graeme: we must speak what we know divine postman and not what we have heard from another but what we ourselves have lived.

divine postman: keep asking questions graeme and speak the truth in hard words. the mass of man choose to conform, and destroy themselves in the process.

let us be content with nature’s simple providence remaining rooted in our truth. the greatest of all men is he who has paid the highest price. he is the monarch of wisdom.

graeme: the value of money divine postman, is reflected in what one is prepared to give up for it.

at most times, it appears to me that money only serves as a means to affect your desired end. however, we must also consider the end result of our desired end.

divine postman: even our ends graeme become recycled means for what is awaiting us. for example one might choose to buy conventional produce another choosing organic food. the former sees conventional food to be merely an end or rather a source of his enjoyment whereas the latter in choosing organic produce is investing in his health.

graeme: it is all perception divine postman, and which perception is right or wrong is reflected in the sustenance of it.

divine postman: indeed, what we need to understand is that every perception will lead you down a path and the best path is one that liberates your soul.

graeme: everything has two handles friend beware of the wrong one.

divine postman: when the body is unhappy so will the soul be sad. we can only transcend through pain. as we suffer we reach the roots of our being.

graeme: in order for a tree to yield a greater harvest, it needs to go through the process of pruning. and in the beginning it will be painful but in the long-term it will be worth all the sacrifices.

divine postman: all things are done according to your faith friend. one need not despise small beginnings graeme, in the beginning there will be more input but overtime there will be less input and more output.

graeme: and when the output comes it floods in as if it were hiding somewhere. the muse whispers in secret but blooms in public. there is purpose and meaning in all that we do.

divine postman: you can only reap what you sow graeme. every act rewards itself friend, or, in other words, intergrates itself, in a twofold manner.

first, in the thing or in real nature; and secondly in the circumstance, or in apparent nature.

graeme: a stagnant body divine postman, is a stagnant mind. the personal computer is the bicycle of the human mind and dramatically amplifies our innate human abilities.

divine postman: cycling is a human need. i believe in traveling, i believe in exploring, i believe in reading and i believe in writing.

graeme: the most efficient form of traveling divine postman and exploring is with the bicyle. when we travel by foot we can only achieve a limited amount. but we expand our ability with the bicycle and degenerate in our state when traveling with the coach.